• Evaluating Lenin in the Indian context

    Vladimir Lenin has an important place in the 20th century. Unfortunately, his name is associated with more negative qualities than positive qualities. He was an intellectual with a formidable brain and he wrote many books and papers during his time in Russia. He ushered in what is called the

  • Nikita Khruschev: Forgotton Hero of the Soviet State


    In the late fifties and sixties one man emerged as the First Secretary of the Russian Communist party, that ruled Russia at that time. Russia then was the USSR or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  The SovietCommunist party at that time was

  • Stalin Trotsky Feud: Dog Eats Dog

    The communist movement is dead and gone in Russia as it collapsed under the weight of its own contradictions. In 1917 Lenin led a  revolution against Czar Nicholas II and overthrew him. Lenin established a 'dictatorship of the proletariat'',but in reality it was a one party