• Did Congress Party Achieve Anything in 60 Years Rule?

    India became free in 1947 after the British had won a pyrrhic victory over Hitler's Germany. They at that time were too weak to hold on to their possessions and Lord Attlee decided the time had come for the British to go away. The Indian Independence Act was passed by the British parliament and

  • Dirty politics and vendetta by the grand old party !

    To what level can a political party stoop to slander a popular leader? this is something the Congress party seems to have mastered, amply proved by the Ishrat Jehan case .They concealed evidence and did everything possible to malign Modi and BJP. But truth cannot be hidden for long since the

  • Do you think Rahul Gandhi has come a long way from being called as a Pappu?

    Rahul Gandhi has changed his communication style, strategies & the way he communicates with people, for example the talk happened in Karnataka election.



  • Priyanka Gandhi- a savior for the sinking ship??

    Now Priyanka Gandhi has come to the rescue of brother in UP elections. Will the part time politics yield some benefits for Congress??

    She has come to campaign like earlier times. If she joins Congress as politician, will that save the sinking ship of Congress??


  • Rahul Gandhi has perhaps accepted defeat for his party forever

    I don't know why Rahul Gandhi is not interested in party meetings


  • Rahul Gandhi takes on more than he can chew ..

    Rahul Gandhi has been practising divisive and communal politics from day one like his mother and other party members and claiming that BJP is dividing the country and has done nothing for the country.Today when he was interacting with the ladies in Mount Carmel College in Bangalore , tried to

  • Shocking Anti National Remarks by Salman Kurshid and Mani Shankar Aiyer !

    Congress leaders seem to be getting more and more desperate without their daily dose of power, so go around abusing the Modi government which has been voted to power by the majority of the people and showing their discontent and disgruntlement at every given opportunity  right from the top

  • State Elections - AIADMK, TMC, CPM and BJP win..

    I guess the results have been discussed to a great extent by the media in their exit polls and they are as predicted with Jayalalitha winning for a second time in Tamilnadu , Mamata Banerjee's TMC winning with an even higher number seats. Left party winning in Kerala and BJP in

  • Vaastu Enabled Office for Congress in Gujrat

    Congress  has had to eat its words after criticising BJP when it openly showed adherence to any practice which had religious ( Hindu) implications...Now after being demolished in the state the leaders are probably hoping for a revival through this new move