70 Wickets in 7 Matches

    India just won against Bangladesh and enter in to Top 4 semi finals in current world cup.


    India is already good in batting part but this time they are doing really fine job with bowling as well. Its really surprising.

    They got 70 wickets in 7 matches, means they

  • A Cricketer from Hyderabad Abbas Ali Baig Caught up in Hindu Muslim Rivalry.

    Hindu Muslim rivalry goes back to the 7th century when Muhammad Qasim defeated the Hindu King of Sindh Raja Dahir. Over the centuries it led to the 2 nation theory and breakup of India. Hyderabad was one of the bastions of the Muslims in south India  and was ruled by the Nizam. Many

  • All about IPL

    Few basic questions related to IPL cricket.
  • Australians don't appeal for the verdict of COA

    After the decision of Banning for 12 Months & 9 Months were given by the Cricket of Australia, Steve Smith & Bancroft do not appeal for the verdict though they had the option & the most surprising thing was the non appealment of David Warner who was expected to

  • Bangladesh is banging it on

    Bangladesh has won the ODI series, one of T20 and is has put up some good stomach to draw the first test. This sudden upbeat is an un expected one.. What could be the reason for this magnificient display other than that it is in their home

  • Components of Cricket Match Prediction

    Match Prediction is something from which we can get the idea of many things before the Cricket match starts. We can easily get who will win today cricket match on the internet as many sports sites provide it, and it covers every cricket

  • Cricket is not just a game, It's an Emotion

    Cricket is not just a game, It's an Emotion

    When you talk about sports especially in India, the first sport that comes to mind is cricket. Cricket draws in 93% of all sports viewers in India. Most of the popular cricket stars of today got into cricket by playing on the streets. When

  • Do you think the Indian women's cricket team is getting the right recognition for their efforts over all these years?

    I feel they are getting recognized at some level but there is a long way to go. What do you think?

  • India XI for 2019 World Cup

    Since, it is almost time for World Cup to start, though it is scheduled after conclusion of IPL, what do you think will be the best XI for this year World cup and total 15 members which should go to England.

    Here is my 15 men probables

    Rohit Sharma, Shikar Dhawan, Virat Kohli,

  • IPL's effect on Modern Day Cricket

    Indian premier League cricket is all set to start. It is the biggest tournament of our country in terms of money involved in it. But some argues that the arrival of IPL lead to the loss of traditional values of cricket. Introduction of T20 cricket and IPL has brought a lot of changes in

  • Pakistan Stutter to keep Test Cricket alive!

    Pakistan lost by 4 runs against New Zealand in a Test Match being played in Dubai. Pakistan had earlier won T20 by 3-0 & squared ODI series with 1-1 with one match getting no result.

    What was very interesting to note here is that Pakistan were in Drivers seat at 129/3 but were

  • Practise in nets safe for people...?

    Now its the Policeman who lost his eye with David Miller's Shot... Are there no precautionary measures undertaken in this regard. And how come such situations arise.. Are they not careful (The policeman or the Batsman)...

  • should the bcci change his odi captaian dhoni????

    as the captain cool is loosing coolness does the india people think that he should be leaving his captaincy 

  • Top 4 teams that can be seen at end of round robin in 2019 World Cup?

    Which teams do you think will make it till semi final? This time it is round robin phase where each team will face all other teams in the Group stage itself. There is only one group and these matches give time to rectify flaws and take course correction and know other teams strengths and

  • Which team will become IPL 2016 champion ?

    here is the team player list for 2016. goto this link :- ...

  • Who will win the Nidhadas Trophy - India or Bangladesh?

    With Bangladesh edging past Srilanka in a virtual Semi final at R.Premadasa Stadium, which of course is the only stadium in which the entire tournament is taking place, do you think Bangladesh can upset India in the finals? Remember Bangladesh chased the 5th highest T20 total against Srilanka

  • Will India will win this world cup 2016.

    how many of us think that India will win this 20-20 world cup after losing his 1st match against NEW ZEALAND or say whom do you think, who is going to win this world cup.

  • Will the Indian Cricket team win the T20I series in South Africa?

    After winning the ODI series in South Africa, do you think India can win the T20I series as well?