• 5 Benefits of Cryotherapy for Common People



  • Energy is the currency of life !

    Someone rightly said that Energy is the currency of life and without it there is simply no life.Fatigue is one of the most common complaints that

  • Is Protein Bad For You ??


    • P.Butter
  • Moderation is the key for successful weight loss

    According to some the more you read and think about losing weight the more confusing it gets and complicated it seems, so , anything you have in mind, go straight out and do it ! Losing and maintaining weight is not all that difficult if one plans it and executes the plan meticulously

  • Single Cell Protein

    Already more than 25% of human population is suffering from hunger and malnutrition. Both human population and animal population are rising. Conventional agricultural produce of cereals, pulses, vegetables and fruits would not be able to meet the rising demand of food. It can be

  • Successful weight management

    No matter how much exercise one does, it is far more important to control ones diet to lose and maintain a steady weight. According to dietitians losing weight successfully involves 80% diet and 20% exercise and even more importantly intake of water..Not eating a chocolate bar saves nearly 300