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  • Donald Gets Going on the Wall: Repurcussions

    The clock has turned full circle and a man which the 4th estate detested and many even in the GOP led by Mitt Romney abhorred has won. The result? He is the president of the United States. Here was a man a year back dismissed sometimes as a clown for stating things that

  • Donald Trump is steering America into the uncharted Ocean

    Donald Trump won the election but lost the popular vote. This is the dichotomy of the American election where it is not the case of first past the post. Here it is a victory in the"electoral College" that matters. Hillary led by about 2-2.5 million votes and yet lost the election. The electoral

  • Donald Trump is the first politician in the west to Identify the source of terror

    The last week has been a traumatic period for the world. There have been at least 5 terror attacks and in one of the most reprehensible incidents an old 85-year-old French priest was killed with a knife by a Jihadist who claimed allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The French have

  • Donald Trump Praises Putin and other 'Strong" leaders

    The US election campaign is in full swing and in just a few months on 8th November the die will be cast. There are 4 candidates, but only 2 matter. These are the Republican and Democratic party who have shaped the destiny of America ever since the 1776 War of Independence.

    The two

  • Is Donald Trump the Messiah to Save America Like Churchill in WW II


    After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the pendulum of world domination shifted to the Western world and for the next 200 years the British Empire was the greatest empire in the world.  After the end of World War I a new nation, young and vibrant

  • Trump represents the extreme right wing white view

     The US election build-up is in full swing. As is the practice, the battle is only between 2 mainstream parties namely the Republican party and the Democrat party. However, though there is no bar to standing  for election as an independent or as a representative of any other group or