• Easy to prepare Breakfast Recipes

    For most housewives planning a breakfast menu is a headache but if one uses a little imagination and takes the trouble to get the necessary ingredients ready the day before, breakfast becomes easy to prepare. Since by now we all agree that breakfast is the most essential meal of the day, one

  • Gardening - Some easy to maintain indoor plants

    Indoor plants add freshness and a visible joy to any interior.Not all plants can be grown successfully indoors...I feel that money plant, goose-foot plant , palm , African violets and certain varieties of begonias can be easily grown indoors.Please share your own experiences and suggestions if

  • Growing herbs on window sil..

    For those living in apartments it is not difficult to grow a few herbs like mint, basil  etc or some ornamental plants like cactus and African violets...All that you need is flat trays and a good soil mixture and regular watering and sun shine.It also has the added advantage of keeping