• Indian Education System in Need of A Revamp


  • Light dual nature

    Light dual nature


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  • Nutrition in animals

    Nutrition in animals:

    • Animals obtain their food from plants or other

  • Online Education is an internet-based learning without limitations

    No matter what course you intend to enroll in, online education has made a lot of conveniences for you. Whether it is associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or an online life experience degree, e-learning providers are always leading in the industry. It is

  • Preface to Shakespeare by Samuel Johnson

    Preface to Shakespeare:

    It is regarded as the master piece of Johnson's literary criticism. It holds a mirror to Johnson gifts of individuality of style reflecting his ingenuity, common sense, discernment and extensive language and literature.

    Shakespeare's Merits:

    As a

  • Should Indian education system be modified into that of western education system to provide multiple options after high school?

    The Indian education system doesn't provide the students with an option of choosing different subjects from a variety of streams instead they can only pursue a particular stream in high school. Whereas the western education system gives the students a variety of options in subjects to choose

  • The constant lack of quality engineers in India in recent times

    About 1.5 million engineers are released every year from various colleges throughout the country, but most of them simply do not have the required skill to be employed.The amount of students opting to become engineers is so much that engineering is easily the mass

  • The Habit of Reading

    The poet Robert Southey states that books are his "never-failing friends". In fact, books are the best friends a man can have. They are always available to us. If we have the habit of reading, we can understand how intimate can our relationships be with books.

    Reading c...

  • The Increasing burden of education

    India is developing and so is the quality if life, education , living standard and expenses. Every parent wants their child to get the best of education but can provide whatever they can afford. 

    It is not hidden that private schools and colleges have their fee structures that

  • The More, The Merrier



  • The position of female education


    The development of a nation, we often heard this word from the politician, mostly in election times. But do we realize that the development of nation depends on education of both men and women. It is rather a debating question whether the women in India

  • Travelling as a part of education


    We all have a powerful desire in our mind to see the unseen and to know the unknown. As a result we spontaneously seek for travelling for it has really a charm and novelty of its own. Travelling not only means roaming here and there, it also means to get knowledge

  • Tuition after school hours, what you think?

    These days we can see lots of students go to tuition after school hours, even students from infant classes. Do you think it is necessary to send kids tuition after school hours? What is the benefit of sending kids to schools if they are not able to teach properly and parents feel a need to send

  • What are NFTs and how to benefit from them?

    The onset of cryptocurrency and the digitization of money has brought a massive revolution worldwide. The decentralization of things made the buyer and seller communicate with each other directly without the involvement of any third-party applications, in order to avoid the payment of

  • What is the Admission Procedure in CBSE Schools India?

    when is pi day celebrated?