• Do you think Rahul Gandhi has come a long way from being called as a Pappu?

    Rahul Gandhi has changed his communication style, strategies & the way he communicates with people, for example the talk happened in Karnataka election.



  • Is Narendra Modi playing his role correctly?

    We elected Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India in 2014 to uplift our country socially, politically and financially. Nearly a year has passed but still I don't see any change around me. Do you see and feel Narendra Modi playing his role correctly?
  • One India One Poll

    PM Modi has put forward the proposal of "One India One Poll" . UP Government of Adityanath has come forward in full support of it.


  • Priyanka Gandhi- a savior for the sinking ship??

    Now Priyanka Gandhi has come to the rescue of brother in UP elections. Will the part time politics yield some benefits for Congress??

    She has come to campaign like earlier times. If she joins Congress as politician, will that save the sinking ship of Congress??