• An Overview of Larissa Lone's Novel" Lethal Rider"

    English literature never had it so good as in the present age.

    Larissa Lone is an American writer who has tapped the demand of the reading public for books with paranormal heroes and heroines. She is a nomad in a way; she is married to a Coast Guard official and moves

  • Building up the Conversation (part 10)

    Building up the

  • Identify correct & wrong spellings

  • Lay an Egg

    The idiom "Lay An Egg" is rarely used in our spoken English. Today this came across while reading news paper. I hope some of our members know about it. But I wanna make aware of it to all. This idiom is used when any kind of humiliating is done during any public performances.

  • Test of Antonyms

  • Test Your Aptitude

    Test your grip on your English vocabulary.

    A good composition is made up of paragraphs.a paragraph is a distinct unit in prose writing; it is, in fact, the logical development of a single idea. Generally a paragraph contains about two to ten sentences. Shorter paragraphs may be used to emphasize a particular point; while, larger

  • Will it be good to have a National Language in India?

    I have seen many people wanting to have a National language for India. Right now. English is fulfilling that need although it is a foreign language. Will it be good to have a national language from one of the many Indian languages ? And if it is any other language other than your spoken