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  • Can actions of Mustapha Kemel be duplicated? Like he did in Turkey

    kemel Mustapha "ataturk" a general of the army of the Ottoman empire seized power in Turkey after WW I. he by the gun banned burkha, long dresses for women, Islamic schools, The Caliph, Otrhodox Islamic text books and put Turkey on path to secularism and modernization. Can it be repeated in

  • Conversion of Hindus to Islam: Mostly it was Voluntary

     Some facts of history are not palatable to many people, but then one can't brush such facts under the carpet. History does throw up facts and figures which are subject to interpretation, yet there are some incontrovertible facts that can only be interpreted in one way.  One of these

  • Early Muslim Armies spread Islam by Conquest and Sword

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    Prophet Muhammad has a unique place in world history. During his life time  he propounded a new faith, which for its time and age was progressive.  It struck at idolatry and  propounded

  • Facts from DrPeter Hammond's Book " Slavery Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threats"

    Recently I recieved a book written by Dr.Peter Hammond titled " Slavery Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat" from a friend who has retired from the Central Industrial Security Force. I have read the book and  found that it gives a mine of information. The book

  • Hinduism at the Crossroads after Four Thousand Years

    Hinduism along with the Hebrew religion is the oldest among religions in the world. There is also no doubt that the reach of Hinduism was much greater than any religion at that time( 4000-5000BC) including  Judaism. Islam and Christianity have come much later nearly 2500 years after Hindu

  • India and Insurgency in Kashmir

    The state of Jammu and Kashmir is located  in the extreme north of India. It has 3 distinct regions namely Jammu, Ladakh and the valley of Kashmir. Another distinct part of Kashmir is part of Pakistan. The Indians have also lost 30000 square miles to China in Ladakh. It effectively means

  • India at the cross roads; another division on the cards

    India became free when British rule lapsed in 1947. It was freedom granted by the British and duly passed by an act of the British Parliament. It was not a freedom won by any coercive action like a war of independence. The freedom was without a fight, more as a gift and was solely dependent on

  • Muslim Terror in Belgium: Self Inflicted Injury


    Belgium has been  besieged by terror attacks. In fact just a few days back hardline Islamic terrorists attacked the airport in Brussels as well as a metro rail station close to the airport and exploded bombs. This was an attack by suicide bombers and

  • Pew Research Centre forecasts Islam will be Biggest Religion by 2050

    Religion still dominates the ethos of a human being. It remains a driving force in everyday life. Presently the Catholic faith is the most preferred in the world, with the Sunni form of Islam coming second.

    The Pew research centre is a non-partisan foundation that carries out research

  • The Islamic State Fighters Strike in Sinai. The fat is in the Fire


    Sinai is a small peninsula  which is part of Egypt. It is mostly a desert with a few nomadic settlements. But it is the only source of