• Heavy metal

    Michael was an orphan who was raised in a foster home in Kentucky. His foster parents were over critical, & so this young man was insecure in his adolescent years. His only true companion was his iPod, which let him access his heavy metal music..... "Heavy

  • I Quit...chapter 1

    This was my 1st ever drive in my friend’s car. We were in 1st year of Bachelors Of Commerce.

    I was amazed by the experience of fast cars. My friend was perfect on the car. Drifting and spinning his car at top speed was so easy for him.

    I asked my dad if I could learn

  • Strong enough

    Mark was the second son of a Bank officer & a housewife. He was born in Perth Australia, & had his primary schooling there. He was very good at academics & was really famous in his school...He was the apple of his daddy's eye, & his mother's love for