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  • Improper Formating of Articles

    Hi Admin,
    I have raised several tickets raising concern for the poor formatting of my poems.
    Although, I haven't received a appropriate response.

    Community Please help

  • Is Bahubali-2 a National Movie?

    Katappa ne Bahubali ko kyu mara? Why Katappa killed Bahubali was the subject of national discussion in 2016 and when Bahubali-2 got released world over and the way the collection of this movie are breaking records day in and day out, it seems soon, it will have a status of National Movie. It

  • The Daku of your choice is ?

    There are lot of Daku you seen in Movies like Gabbar singh ,Jageera ,Mangal singh,Pan singh tomar,Daku Haseena etc The Daku of your choice is ?

  • The Muslim Community in Mumbai Films: A Dubious Lot


    Before I write anything further on what to many will be a contentious topic, its worth to ponder of how Islam came to India.  The initial invasions were by the Turks and the Arabs who entered India in about the 9th and 10th century. in a series of