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  • Effect of British Rule

    Many people without thinking condemn the English rule over India, but one shudders to think what would have happened if the English had NOT COME to India.  Hindus would continue to be ruled by Muslims and pay taxes like Jizziya etc and be second class citizens. Where would India be then in

  • Frank Moraes Wrote of the "Meek and Mild Hindu". Is it Correct ?

    The land Hindustan is the abode of the Hindus , a religion as well as a way of life for as long as civilization has existed. It is the oldest religion in the world and has a deep philosophy. But this religion presides over a fractured society, where deep divisions are effected with the Varna

  • Hinduism and Muhammad

    The Bhavishya Purana forecast the arrival and birth of Muhammad in Saudi Arabia as an apostle of God.. Many other ancient scriptures of Hindus mention the arrival of Muhammad. Dies it mean that Muhammad was the 10th avatar of Vishnu and the Kalki ?

  • Hinduism at the Crossroads after Four Thousand Years

    Hinduism along with the Hebrew religion is the oldest among religions in the world. There is also no doubt that the reach of Hinduism was much greater than any religion at that time( 4000-5000BC) including  Judaism. Islam and Christianity have come much later nearly 2500 years after Hindu

  • The Flawed Politics of Secularism in India

    In 1947 the creation of Pakistan heralded the success of the two nation theory. Ipso facto, the Indian political leadership led by Gandhi and Nehru also accepted this theory. The concept of Pakistan ( land of the pure) was put forward by the Urdu poet Iqbal.  He was of the view that Hindus