1. In the caste system, who were referred to as Laborers?

    2. Who built the Indus valley cities Harappa & Mohenjodaro, more than 5000 years ago?

    3. Which among these is not a most popular Vedic god?

    4. On the banks of which river, the ancient Indus

  • In this quiz, you will be required to identify the correct years in which some certain important events happened from the given choices.

  • India is a peculiar case in world history. Nowhere is history falsified for students on political grounds than in India and the result is that school textbooks give a biased account of events that unfolded centuries ago. This is hard to explain and one has to look for a reason.

    I had a

  • I came across this amazing video which shows the changing trends in the entire history of India from 29 BC to the present day through maps at different period of time. The earlier years where change was very subtle, the video fast tracks...However, a must watch so that we know the change in

  • The " Fifth Column" is not an ancient word and was coined in the last century  during the Spanish Civil War.  This war took place between the Republicans and the monarchists and ultimately brought General Franco to power in Spain. General Franco was backed by Hitler and the civil war