India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world.
  • Historic Win for India in Srilanka - Test Match series 2015

    After long time India has won any test series outside india. Its a great Historic Win. After 22 years India have won Test Match series in Sri lanka.

  • 10 Best Places to visit in Jaipur

    Rajasthan in India is the desert state which is also famous for its historical forts and palaces. The state of Rajasthan has a glorious history of brave Rajput rulers who preferred to die than to accept slavery of the Mughals. Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan which offers many beautiful

  • A strange case of the church interfering in a personal matter

    This happened in Kerala where a Christian boy marrying a Hindu girl had to give his,reason for doing so after ten years of marriage , with both practicing their respective religion..



  • Allahabad to Prayag { Name Change}

    What is your opinion on Yogi government's decision to change the name of Allahabad to Prayag ?

  • Are We Indians Ready For Tejas and Vande Bharat Trains?

    Indian Railways is the fourth largest railway network in the world. Inspite of being the fourth largest railway network of the world, majority of train rakes of indian railway are running with an average

  • Article 35A

    Article 35A treats the non-permanent members of J&K as "Second Class Citizens". It also says that the laws made by J&K cannot be negated on ground of fundamental rights of other citizens. Do you think that this article should be removed from our constitution?

  • Ban on e-cigarettes

    Do you think that the decision to ban e-cigarettes is correct decision by the government of India? For some people who want to quit smoking, e-cigarettes can be helpful but according to the govt sources, e-cigarettes are also being used by children since these can also be ordered online and

  • Be careful- No false resume please

    No false information

    There is no to tell you that resume is first step for getting a job and your chances of getting a good job depend upon your resume to a large extent. But and this is an important but which cautions you to

  • Best CM

    Who do you think is best Chief Minister of India at present ?

  • Bharat bandh on 10 September 2018 : Justified?

    Opposition political parties including Congress called for Bharat band today against the rise in fuel prices. Do you think is it ethically correct to disrupt the normal life of a country in order to protest for an issue ? Few people were killed and many losses occurred but no one will come

  • Bharat ke Veer Initiative by Ministry of Home Affairs

    Bharat Ke Veer is an initiative by Ministry of Home Affairs. It aims to raise funds for the families of paramilitary forces personnel who died on duty. All contributions made to this initiative will be exempted from income tax. Akshay kumar and Pullela Gopichand are the trustees for this trust.

  • Big diplomatic win for India at the world court as Kulbhushan Jhadav 's hanging stayed.

    The ICJ(International court of Justice)  late on Tuesday night ordered a stay on the hanging of Jhadav, sentenced to death by a Pakistani military court on charges of espionage. 

  • Breathtakingly beautiful lakes of India..

    India has everything to offer to a traveler...meadows mountains, beaches,desserts and even lakes...Here is a list of seven lakes that are breathtakingly beautiful . How many of them you know about and how many have you visited?


  • China developing long range rocket with electromagnetic propulsion

    China is developing a long range rocket with electromagnetic propulsion which can fly over the Himalayas and hit in central India. This is first time that China has said that it is developing rocket keeping India in mind. According to the No First Use policy of India, it can use nuclear weapons

  • Chronicle of Indian Rickshawala- A Casestudy

    Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur is an educational institute where rickshaws are widely used as a mode of transportation to circumvent the problem of pollution moreover, a part of a population in Kharagpur depend on this occupation for their

  • Dear Experts Need Your Opinion

    I have received an email from LionBridge for a part time online job. I am working in an IT company which doesn't allow any part time job for their own reasons. Do you think it can be a risk in my current company if I work on that part time job because LionBridge will also do background check?

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  • Demonetization - Aftermath

    Reserve Bank of India has finally declared that 99.3 % of demonetized 500 and 1000 currency notes have returned to Reserve Bank of India. Do you think that demonetization was successful  in eradicating black money ?

  • Did Draupadi have a Secret Love for Karna ?

    I love to write on contentious topics.  here is a idea that germinated in my mind after reading the translation of the Mahabharata by C Rajagopal Chary. This is a very graphic account of the Mahabharata, which is essentially an account of a battle between two clans who were cousins, namely

  • Diwali-A festival of light

    Diwali,a festival of light is a celebrated in India in season of starting winter. It is very popular Hindu festival known for lightning,fire cracking and sweet sharing festivity. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Hindus and also in other religious