India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world.
  • Majerhat bridge collapse in Kolkata

    Majerhat bridge which was in South Kolkata collapsed killing 1 person. News says that government was warned 2 years before for this as cracks were developing in the bridge but still no action was taken. Now people are starting to ponder that why it is common in India that bridges and roads

  • Military Campaigns of the Duke of Welesley in India


    History of the world is the history of warfare and India is no exception.  Right from the times of the ancient epics, the Mahabharta and the Ramayana, war as a culture has dominated Indian history. To start with there was what is known as the Hindu

  • Multilateral Export Control Regime- 4 Groups

    Multilateral Export Control Regime :- After the World War 2, all the countries wanted to prevent the use and spread of weapons in the world. Multilateral Export Control Regime are the groups which are independent of United Nations and that

  • Need for common language for communication in India ?

    We have seen in India there is lot of discrimination on basis of language. If you go to Andhra or Telangana then Telugu people will be preferred if you go to Tamil Nadu then Tamil speaking people are given preference. Similarly in Karnataka - Kannada speaking people and in West Bengal -Bengali

  • Oneer Tm :: Provision for safe drinking water

    Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has developed Oneer TM which can provide clean filtered drinking water. This is particularly targeted for rural areas where we do not get clean and pure drinking water. The output cost of clean water will be around 2 paise / litre. It will be

  • Passive Euthanasia legalised in India

    Passive Euthanasia has been legalised in India in which it is legal to remove life support of Individual whi is in permanent vegetative state for very long time. Every country has different laws for Euthanasia. In India Euthanasia was legalised in March 2018 as a result of Aruna Shabaug case.

  • Personalized Photo Frame Buying Guide

    Gift buying is something most people just swear by. Of all things it counts up to make a gift count, it can become a nightmare for some to zero in on the perfect gift for someone special. But since it is gifts that can help express the emotions, the love, and the

  • Prophesy 2019 for India

    Prophesy for 2019 for India brings happiness to my heart because this year is the freedom from the evil doers and the evil bondage for all. There will be a new youth leader who will serve as the Prime Minister of India and that solves it all by the amazing Grace of God. Since many years, India

  • Pros and cons of the Indian Education system

    We get to hear more Cons than Pros about the Indian Education system by Indians themselves. This is probably because in most cases people like to criticize and look for faults rather than appreciate  anything positive. However an impartial analysis of any subject is always good since it

  • Quality time in Boddunan

    How to spend quality time in Boddunan, while earning points on end and gaining good knowledge and action plan for domestic success in their respective homes?

  • Respecting elders - Is it wisdom, age or experience

    Today in India, the western awe has once again spread its wings and people have lost the charm of the Indian soil because of its lack of understanding of values and Spiritual insights. This is having a tremendous impact as to how we are currently moving with elders and a situation has arisen

  • Rethinking water usage

    Few days back it was all Chennai in the news for water scarcity and now the news is flowing about the floods in various parts of our country like Kerela, Mumbai Etc. Where on one hand in Chennai it was costing a lot to even have water to drink; on the other hand people are dying because of

  • Road to e-vehicles possible in India ?

    Indian government is currently stressing for usage of e-vehicles, do you think that it is really possible to enforce strict rules for usage of e-vehicles in India? I live in Maharashtra and here still the old autos use Kerosene maybe because it gives out black awful smoke. The government could

  • Ruskin Bond - India has always been intolerant !

    I tend to agree with him in some ways not just about religion but about other aspects too because a certain amount of intolerance is part and parcel of all socities , not just Indian..Ruskin Bond elaborated this point when he was asked why he did not give back his award saying that he had

  • SAARC loosing significance

    SAARC(South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) was established with aim of promoting peace and cooperation in South Asian region. As per the recent events it seems that SAARC Is loosing its significance. Nepal is showing it is bending more towards China and so is Maldives and Sri

  • Scope for 4th Industrial Revolution in India

    World Economic Forum has selected India as one of other places for Fourth Industrial Revolution. Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra government are pairing up with WEF to bring some revolution in field of drones, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies. We all hope that this development

  • Shashi Tharoor & Modi ji issue

    What is your take on Shashi Tharoor questioning Modi ji for not wearing skull cap ?

  • Situation of dowry in India at present :: Your views

    Even though it is prohibited  in India to take dowry in marriage, this practice is continuing openly. Many people argue that when a girl can ask alimony for divorce then why can't people ask dowry. So the people who take dowry say the reason to have financial stability dowry is justified.

  • Six Crucial Players for India's chances to win the World Cup 2019

    The lead upto World Cup 2019

    Over the last 4 years, since India's exit from the semi final in 2015 world cup, India has made slow, steady but firm strides to increase their chances of having a shot at World Cup

  • Smart coaches in Indian railway

    Indian government is planning to roll-out smart coaches for Indian railways. The railway coaches  will have black box, Artificial Intelligence enabled CCTV which will send all information about railway coaches to control room to avoid accidents. It seems a good step in order to improve