India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world.
  • Spy Mission over Pakistan that Boomeranged

    Some incidents stand out, which a nation does not want to remember. One such incident that the IAF , the Air Staff and the Government of India would like to forget is the 1959 spy mission over Pakistan which turned into a fiasco. At that time my Father was in the Air Force and stationed at Agra

  • Taking the Spice Route - Some of the spiciest delicacies across India ...

    I am sure that most Indians and for that matter even others love spicy food and each region has its own food speciality that identifies the region. In this article a list of dishes that indulges your taste buds and sets your tongues on fire...


  • The entire history and maps of India in a video

    I came across this amazing video which shows the changing trends in the entire history of India from 29 BC to the present day through maps at different period of time. The earlier years where change was very subtle, the video fast tracks...However, a must watch so that we know the change in

  • The Indian Air Force and the Russian connection

    India became free in 1947, but the British who granted India independence by the "Indian Independence Act" of1946,  divided India on the basis of the 2 nation theory that Hindus and Muslims cannot live together. It was a master stroke leaving India with a

  • The Indian Story at a Glance- Part One

    India is moving ahead at a fast rate

    India is constantly on its way to success but we have yet to cross many hurdles. We are doing a good job in many fields including education sector. Our institutes in different sectors in technical, medical and information technology are producing

  • The least friendly cities in our country

    According to a wikimedia survey some of our cities are not at all people friendly...This may not be absolutely accurate but at the same time is an eye opener and may bring in some positive changes in people..


  • The recent state election results and the future ..

    Now that the battle for Gujrat and Himachal Pradesh has ended with victory for BJP in both the states , I feel there are certain issues that need to be addressed seriously by all political parties. My own thoughts on them ..

    1, BJP , although has lost out in the number of seats has

  • The View from Outside on Kashmir: it will go to Pakistan

    One knows that it needs a mirror to show how one looks. Thus, what outside people feel about India and Kashmir in particular  can best be gauged only by meeting and listening to the people living outside India. I have been singularly lucky of having spent a fair amount of time abroad.

  • Top Ten Places to Visit in North India- Part 1


    Vrindavan- The religious town

    During the summer of 1916 I was working on a photography project for an Indian website and had a wonderful chance of visiting several tourist locations in northern India. Incidentally, I had already visited most of these places before but

  • Travel Stories :: Word of caution

    Hi All

    I hope everyone of us might have traveled various places in India. While traveling we several challenges depending on the location for example while visiting Delhi one must be very careful while taking bus tickets because although they sell the tickets as Volvo most of the times

  • Twenty small cities that make people proud to call their home...

    People normally focus only on the large metros and cities when they speak about a country or else about its famous tourist destinations.However, I believe that it is the smaller towns and villages that lend a certain special and distinctive character to a region. A recent survey conducted by a

  • UAE support to India for Kerala Floods

    What is your take on India's decision to refuse 700 crore donation to Kerala from UAE ? Do you think UAE has some selfish interest in this ?

  • Use of Bio Fuels in Airplane

    Developed countries such as USA are already using Bio Fuels in Airplane and now India is going to become first developing country to experiment bio fuel in Airplane. As we all know Bio Fuels will help in reducing pollution caused by fossil fuels. What is your opinion on this recent

  • What do you think about India And China War ? Will It Behold our Life

    India’s military Much of the focus of its armed forces is on China even though they are more regularly engaged in dealing with Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir. China looms large in the minds of India’s planners – owing

  • What is meaning of life for you ?

    Yesterday I was watching a TV serial on Epic channel. I saw that in the Eastern India states where we have forests and national parks such as Kaziranga , a group of guards have a job to protect the elephants and rhinos from being killed by humans living in neighbouring villages. Every night

  • Why do Private Companies (Not MNC's), pay less despite having good profits & revenue?

    I have observed that in Private Companies other than MNC's, salaries are less & even the increments thereon are also less, there are not much parameters or any professional method that is followed for appraisals, why is it so?

  • Women entrepreneurs can lift economy?

    Women can contribute immensely but there are major barriers to women entrepreneurship were a poor network, initial investment and lack of information.Most of the respondents are unaware of any government schemes for developing women entrepreneurship.      

  • Women who made a mark in our film Industry

    One wonders whether women during the previous Independence days were made of stronger stuff , or we're the times different then ? When I went through this article I realized that regardless of religion women became part of the India film industry and made a mark . ..the article gives detailed

  • Workers and their rights- And the reality

    Rights and duties

    May Day is celebrated on 1st May every year as “workers’ Day” all over the world. We appreciate their role as ‘makers of a nation’ and therefore support their rightful demand of hike in wages for doing a hard job that helps in keeping this world going. Therefore the

  • World food day October 16

    Hello boddunan family members

    Today is world food day

    While the world has advanced in food technology, yet there are many who are unfed.

    Lots of contamination and adulteration in food.

    Are you aware of what you eat?