• Demonetization - Aftermath

    Reserve Bank of India has finally declared that 99.3 % of demonetized 500 and 1000 currency notes have returned to Reserve Bank of India. Do you think that demonetization was successful  in eradicating black money ?

  • Indian Muslims are equal says Taslima Nasreen

    Of course this is a fact since Muslims themselves would never leave India and go to Pakistan or Bangla Desh if they are given a choice because of the freedom they get here. Our politicians use them as tools to garner votes and tend to pamper them with ulterior motives.Interestingly Taslima also

  • Indian Passport Holders - Take Note !!!

    Hand written passports will become invalid from tomorrow onward , so before you plan on an international trip make sure that you get your passport changed since it will not be accepted as a travel document unless it gets updated 


  • Is Rahul Gandhi an Indian Citizen or ???

    This has been a subject that has been debated before because Gandhis tend to think that they need give out any details about themselves  being who they are !!! A case of -All are equal but some are more equal ! Now Parliament Ethics Panel has sent a notice to Rahul Gandhi to clarify

  • Krishna Janmashtami Festival

    Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated on larger scale in North India. Usually there is a fun fair with lot of rides for children. There are magicians performing shows and several eatable stalls. As a child I used to visit those fairs but since I grew up all those things stopped. I still miss those

  • Mouthwatering Indian Thalis ..

    I am sure most Indians would have eaten a thali meal at some time or the other. There are so many different varieties of thali meals depending on the region. Here is a list of 13 different kinds of mouthwatering Thali meals from across India. As one person pointed out , Bengali thali has been

  • Narendra Modi: More Hype than Performance

    In 2014, the nation was in a state of despair. The Congress party which had ruled for 10 years was guilty of many acts of misdemeanor and corruption had taken the drivers seat, with an ineffectual prime minister in ManMohan Singh who turned out to be a yes man of the Gandhi-Nehru family.

  • The clash of the Champions - Who will win...?

    The entry to the Semi's:-

    After Australia thumped India's arch rivals Pakistan, partly attributable to the costly drops, off the spirited Wahab Riaz and India, on other hand which overcame slight early jitters, the game


    India is the biggest parliamentary democratic country in the world with the people of nearly 127 crores.Democracy means "people's rule", rule by the people.the concept the democracy started in ancient greece, Anthens,Their people directly engaged in the development of their place.due to the

  • The Life And Times Of M . F. Hussain

    M F Hussain is probably one of the most well- known Modern Indian Painters , also part of the Progressive Artistes Group of Bombay. MF Hussain with all that fame and popularity, was also very humble, down to earth and an endearing person to all those who came

  • These 4 big films flopped because of the Hero

    In today's post, we are going to talk about those 4 big films of the world which have flopped only because of

  • UAE support to India for Kerala Floods

    What is your take on India's decision to refuse 700 crore donation to Kerala from UAE ? Do you think UAE has some selfish interest in this ?

  • what is the role of government in macroeconomics?

  • why india is showing a sharp increase in corona virus cases from 1st may?