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  • Do players improve and play better after a bad season or two with the Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL?

    Yuvraj Singh, Jacques Kallis, Shane Watson, K L Rahul, Chris Gayle..... they have all had bad seasons with RCB and after moving onto other Franchises, have done terrifically well.

    Do share your thoughts on this.

  • IPL's effect on Modern Day Cricket

    Indian premier League cricket is all set to start. It is the biggest tournament of our country in terms of money involved in it. But some argues that the arrival of IPL lead to the loss of traditional values of cricket. Introduction of T20 cricket and IPL has brought a lot of changes in

  • Practise in nets safe for people...?

    Now its the Policeman who lost his eye with David Miller's Shot... Are there no precautionary measures undertaken in this regard. And how come such situations arise.. Are they not careful (The policeman or the Batsman)...

  • Wonder Of Science

    Today's era is the era of science. Man is moving towards material happiness. As a result, there has been unprecedented progress in this era of physics. New inventions are happening every day. Man has been conquering nature with his intelligence. Today's scientists have made the impossible