• "Winter is here, Why do u fear? 

    We are not going to fall sick, dear"

    My mother told me with a smile assuring, 

    But i knew that the cold was all consuming

    "What if I catch cold, mum? 

    How can I play then on the muddy swamp? "


  • Our Kid are our world, we do lot of things to make them happy . They also try to make us happy in their own way by doing small small things. So what are those small things that your kid has done which brings smile to ur face even now?

  • While going to sleep at night what stories you tell to your kids?

  • Today's era is the era of science. Man is moving towards material happiness. As a result, there has been unprecedented progress in this era of physics. New inventions are happening every day. Man has been conquering nature with his intelligence. Today's scientists have made the impossible