• The art of judging and misjudging

    We live in a society where often we are misjudged for our actions without knowing the intentions behind those actions. The root of judging is not physical but rather psychological. According to research, we often bear two questions in mind when we meet a person for the first time-first being

  • The cause of unhappiness in life is greed

    The most obvious stand is to write against greed. Greed is a recognized vice and it is born of an excess desire for something. It may be of power, wealth, ambition, name, fame, and what not. It brings in its wake tension and unhappiness. But apart from these there are one or two kinds of

  • The constant lack of quality engineers in India in recent times

    About 1.5 million engineers are released every year from various colleges throughout the country, but most of them simply do not have the required skill to be employed.The amount of students opting to become engineers is so much that engineering is easily the mass

  • The debate about being Vegan

    The is a very old debate about the drawbacks of non-veg diet of human beings. A large amount of water is spent to raise animals to satisfy demands of non-vegetarians. Also the animals release large amount of green house gases such as methane which causes global warming. So in order to satisfy

  • The great Pacific Garbage Patch :: Ocean Cleanup

    The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a patch of garbage which has accumulated in Northern Pacific Ocean. The garbage consists mostly of plastic and chemical waste. This garbage patch was discovered in 1980's . A Dutch non profit organisation has decided to cleanup the ocean. They will carry along

  • The Mysterious Incident at Akashdeep Estates - 15

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    The next morning, when Shalini's mortal remains were brought to Akashdeep, it was drizzling but that did not stop the estate workers from the

  • The pink city

    The pink city i.e. Jaipur is a place which attracts a billion of tourists every year. I was also attracted towards it once. I went there and I literally lost my heart in Jaipur. The place has a fantastic variety of tourist attractions. From forts to malls and cinema halls, from markets to

  • The Two Nation Theory:is it Relevant Today

     Mohammad Ali Jinnah is regarded as the founder of Pakistan. It is often forgotten that Jinnah started his politics as a secularist and a leader of the Congress Party. He, however, transformed himself into a rabid communalist and coined the slogan "two Nations and two people". He said that


    2016 crept in unexpectedly, but isn't that the norm!! Before you know it, you've beautifully wasted a whole damn year, & an other one has just begun. The New year resolutions were made with hope. Well, like most people, I did my best to stick to the resolutions, & succeeded to a great

  • There are three types of person in this world

    cThe epigram that is the core of the subject is too true to be denied. But yet, when I put it to my personal life, I fail to equate the statement with my life. The situation underlines a paradox.

    On the face of it, I fall into the second category of the won’ts’ whereas my parents

  • Things No one Let you know about Cervical Torment

    Cervical agony is chiefly brought about because of debilitating of the joints that hold the neck, any issues relating to the back, spinal string or neck can bring about neck torment. The issue in these territories may emerge from strain, fit, muscle strain, ligament tear, muscle tear, sudden
  • This present reality is Not Exactly What I Envisioned in School

    When I was in school, I would constantly here teachers and my guardians specifically discuss this present reality and how things would be distinctive when I was really there. I envisioned this vicious world where just the totally shrewdest survived, and I trusted that I would be one of those

  • Top Ten Places to Visit in North India- Part 1


    Vrindavan- The religious town

    During the summer of 1916 I was working on a photography project for an Indian website and had a wonderful chance of visiting several tourist locations in northern India. Incidentally, I had already visited most of these places before but

  • Travel Stories :: Word of caution

    Hi All

    I hope everyone of us might have traveled various places in India. While traveling we several challenges depending on the location for example while visiting Delhi one must be very careful while taking bus tickets because although they sell the tickets as Volvo most of the times

  • Try these to Keep Monday Blues Away

    Plan your work in advance

    Do you think in terms of “What I need is someone who will make me do what I can”? Maybe you did not plan you work properly in advance and that’s why you’re finding

  • Twist and turns of life

    It was the time internet had started peeping in our lives, I was from well cultured family.  Well cultured and well to do family from Dombivali, so, my childhood was excellent compared to others.  I also, reciprocated the same way by being a bright student. 

    With internet

  • Veteran Actor Manorama dies at 78

    Legendary Actress Manorama Passed away on 10th October 2015 and almost the whole industry was shocked . She was kindly called as ” Aachi ” by her fans and the whole

  • Wear helmet for your safety

    We can see lot of awareness programs are conducted by traffic police. They are frequently announcing that please wear helmet while you are driving your vehicle. Some people only follow it others did not care about it. In Bengaluru "99canals club" conveyed the same message. Helmet is necessary

  • What do you do to avoid boredom?

  • What do you think about life after death?

    All of us might ever wonder if there is life after death . Different people have different oppinions .