• Parenting

    What is the best way to make children go to school, especially when they don't like to go to school

  • Passive Euthanasia legalised in India

    Passive Euthanasia has been legalised in India in which it is legal to remove life support of Individual whi is in permanent vegetative state for very long time. Every country has different laws for Euthanasia. In India Euthanasia was legalised in March 2018 as a result of Aruna Shabaug case.

  • Petrol and diesel prices are increasing tonight


  • Pharma companies don't create cures they create customers

    Are the medicines that we take or the ones doctor prescribes...are these really curing the disease. I read somewhere that for a medical store to run profitably it needs only 6 sugar patients... 

    So what do we do take the medicines or not?? Whom do we go and complain to???

  • Private Detectives

                      Private Detectives

    Most of us are familiar with the profession ‘Private Detective’ but not everyone knows how they actually operate or how to pursue this


    Probabilities In Life.....

    In know yr probability we thought is all about maths . But right now after facing so many hardles in life i think i should change my prospective about life and offcourse of probability.Now i no more think about this word only in maths prospective.


  • Railway accident in Amritsar

    In incident has happened which has brought shame on Indian railways. Yesterday when people in Amritsar were celebrating Dussehra festival , a train run over around 60 people killing all 60 and injuring many others. This incident has again opened the debate of unsafe railway lines / crossing.

  • Raising the Bar

    Law - people say its all about "society".

    But how it works? what its rules are? how each and everyone is involved?

    Who knows all that stuff and the point is who cares enough to know?

    But who made the laws about failures? As for me failure is a stepping

  • Reduced poverty index in India

    According to United Nations Development Program, poor people in Indian have been reduced by 271 million. According to report by UNDP, in the decade between 2005-06 to 2015-16 , the Multidimensional Poverty Index (MDI) in India is halved from 54.7 % to 27.5 %. 

  • Relevance of Gandhian Principles in Today's Time

    Do you think that Gandhian Principles of Non-Violence , simple living, saying truth in all situation are valid and relevant in today's world ? If anyone follows this principle today , people call him fool. Some times if you tell only truth, it will bring danger to your job in corporate sector.

  • Rising stress levels in Indian private sector

    People in Indian private sector especially the IT sector are facing high stress levels. In past 6 months itself I read few suicide cases of people who used to work in IT sector. Actually the way people work in India is not ethical. People in India continuously try to pull other people down

  • Road to e-vehicles possible in India ?

    Indian government is currently stressing for usage of e-vehicles, do you think that it is really possible to enforce strict rules for usage of e-vehicles in India? I live in Maharashtra and here still the old autos use Kerosene maybe because it gives out black awful smoke. The government could

  • Sāṣṭāṅga can increase your oxygen lavel 25% up


    Lay down on your belly

    Touch 8 point of your body to the ground-

  • Scope for 4th Industrial Revolution in India

    World Economic Forum has selected India as one of other places for Fourth Industrial Revolution. Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra government are pairing up with WEF to bring some revolution in field of drones, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies. We all hope that this development

  • Sentenalese tribe of Andaman

    In a recent incident involving Sentenalese tribe, an American national was killed by the tribe with arrows since he tried to enter their area. It is said that Sentenalese people like to live alone in reclusion. They kill any one who tries to enter their area. They also speak a language which

  • Seven Life Hacks that You Should Adapt Immediately

    Hacks are not shortcuts. They can be called as a better way of doing a  regular task. 

    Below are a few hacks that can save you time and money. This will also improve your social skills.

    1.Never buy the latest gadget, bike or car as soon as it enters the market. There

  • Sexism.

  • should nepotism be in our society


    we are seeing nepotism from ancient period ,the son of king will be the next king or the son of any post holder will be the next holder and its still continuing in modern times . there are many examples of nepotism in our modern

  • Significance of Sanskrit Language

  • Smile-remedy for all ills!

    After the common cold, the next thing,but the best thing that catches us quickly is a smile. A comic show on the telly, a baby that gives us a drooling smile in the train, an empathetic stranger in a long winding queue, anything makes you smile as a rejoinder.

    Reading the facial