• every day bath

    Is taking bath every single day really necessary or we should take bath on alternate days.

  • Every thing is New & Interesting

    After searching lot of sites--> I think finally I came at right place-- to discuss our day to routine work with all the Valued Expert Member & get some good tips in future regarding how to success in online net marketing..cause I do it nowadays..

    I remember I have read somewhere

  • Evil is necessary for give importance to goodness

    Life is a experience of the unimaginary things      more you live more you realize,  if there's evil intentional humans then some pure hearted souls also exists for make balance in this world it's just depend upon what you believe because all of us is two faces demons

  • Excercise


    In our daily lives people are so busy that they don't have enough time to give themselve .And as they can't give time to themselve they are not able too

  • Facing Challenges? lets get to know what are they


    Life is a challenge my tip is to meet it. Challenges are important in life as it makes you a better person. To be

  • Faith! Myth or a Mystery?

    I just came across a faith based incident shared by a friend, which reminded me of how well "faith" actually did work for my mother and the whole family a long time ago. I come from a moderately conservative family where having a girl child was good but having a male child meant a balanced and

  • Family


    This is not just a word we can feel it by the word as everyone in this world is attached to their families. In this pandemic situation, we can understand it better as we have seen many ups and downs in our lives either it is related to money or health because no one has

  • Few of the things one may do to reduce stress.

    In today's life when we all have a stress in our life may be due to job or may be because of home then one should know how to get rid of stress to stay fit and healthy. Here are few of the ways one may adopt :



  • few of the tips to keep skin better in summer

    In summer our skin gets dull and we need to take some precautions to keep it healthy.  Here are few tips how to keep your skin healthy this summer.


  • First Tribal Tourism project under Swadesh Darshan Scheme

    Swadesh Darshan Scheme is the flagship scheme of ministry of tourism to develop tourism spots thematically. Recently the ministry of tourism has flagged of first tribal tourism project in Chattisgarh. Chattisgarh has good natural and scenic beauty and also has many tribal areas. This move of

  • Flyover under construction ( since 7 years collapses in Calcutta !!

    The Vivekananda flyover which has been under construction since more than 7 years collapsed killing 14 people and injuring many more seriously. As is expected blame game has begun between various political parties with Mamata Banerjee blaming the previous government an so on...However, it is

  • Friendship- another name for life

    Friendship is a flower placed in true heart's vase, bringing comfort and peace all your days. It is an epidemic of codependency and the only true care.Some relations are made by god and those which he forget to name are bound by a precious relation of Friendship. Friendship is a two way road.

  • Galti tumhari bhi hai

    Hello everyone I recently joined boddunan, hope you like my poetry


    Galti tumhari bhi hai

    Agar tumne di hai ijazat use,

    ki wo uske sath rhe,

    to tumhe taqleef nahi honi chaye.

    Agar tumne bol di hai ye baat use,

    to tumhe ab farq nahi

  • Generic & Biosimilars medicines in India

    Our Prime minister Mr Modi has been emphasising on more production and use of generic drugs. Generic drugs are medicines which are similar to the original medicine but they are of lesser cost since they are not sold under the original brand name. Considering the poverty in India it is very

  • Girl next door

    Girl Next Door

    You're about to find why it sounds a little venereal when you tell someone there's a girl living next door. Now, we obviously know that there is an emphasis that applies to all genders, but here we

  • God's Protocol Of Unanimity


    Going Gulf for Job, how do you think?

    If a person is getting more than a double salary in gulf but need to stay alone, Should he move to gulf countries ??

    I think NO. what do you think?

  • Happiest moment of your life


    There is no dictionary definition of happiness, one can gain it from different experiences whether it be good or bad. Everyone's happiest moment relates to one achievement or the other but mine can be a little

  • Have A Stress free Home

    It is imperative that we have a relaxing atmosphere within the four walls that we call our home that has a calming effect on us and remains Stress-Free!

    How do we make our homes stress free ?

    It is a fact that our home atmosphere has a lot to contribute in

  • Have you ever used this miraculous product FLP (forever living product)

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