• Have you every fallen asleep at an unusual place

    Hi all! There are many of us who are deprived of sleep and always try to catch up with their sleep. Sleep deprived

  • Have You Seen The Holy Angels of God?

    I have always seen Gabriel and Michael, the archangels of God standing next to me in all the situations. So, did anyone of you experience the same? They protect us, love us, care for us and are obedient and humble. It is a soothing experience to have them in your life.

    The angels of God

  • Health and fitness

    The increasing number of life threatening diseases is mainly attributed to sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food habits among the young working class of people. Employees work in the organisation with the aid of computer for long hours without any breaks, these kind of working pattern will

  • Hello. I'm a new here

    Hello everyone. I am new here. I wanna ask some tips to start. Please share some of your experiences with me!!!

  • how can i Invest in Mutual Fund for Income Tax saving

  • How do we clean oil spills?

    Various kinds of pollution that affect the oceans, spills from oil tankers rank as one of the most challenging to clean up. There is no one method for handling all

  • How everyone is doing here?

    Hey Guys, how are you doing? 

  • How Self-confidence and Self-improvement go hand in hand




  • How should a day be planned

    How should a day be planned. Should there be a paper or electronic schedule by which one should abide by or should one just keep things in his mind and let things be executed...?

    How can one get most of the day in terms of output with regard to satisfaction, productivity, results?

  • How To Change Your Money Making Mindset.


    The man passes through various stages of life, thinking of making his life the best. All luxuries which a person wants in his life lead him or her to various miseries, possess various tests, ups, and downs, and reach to an extent of the thing or maybe to higher levels of

  • How to find out your allowances from your salary slip

    Ever wondered what’s written on your boring salary slip? Most of the people throw the salary slip in the dustbin as they think that it

  • How to have a better visit at doctor's clinic?

    Tips for a Better Doctor Visit




    1. Have as many medical records as possible with you to document your medical condition, especially for a new visit or a consult. Go by the hospital, lab or other doctor’s office and get copies.

  • How to improve life by government initiatives

    Government have taken up initiatives like Jan Dhan Yojana, Swachh Bharat, Subsidies for green automobiles. What can we do to use them better and what can we start up new from our domestic front....

  • How to Improve Your Everyday Conversations

    Can you get better at your conversational skills? Absolutely.

    It may take some time to transform the conversational behavior that’s been entrenched all through your life, but it is achievable.

    To not make this longer than required let’s just skip right to some general mistakes

  • How to make life easier and simple

    There are many people who are in doldrums as to where they should head towards, what should they chose and how should they prosper. Parents may not be a guiding force in every family. So how to solve this problem. One suggestion i have got from my area is people got solutions by joining Yuva



    How to start earning in early teenage

    Teenagers likes  to spend money to fulfill their desires and their needs on buying smartphones, sports bike going for trips with friends or saving for further studies. 

    But for that first they need to work and earn money. But unfortunately most of them actually starts earning

  • How to use your Credit Card safely

    Using your Credit Card safely

  • Human chameleon

    I had a friend that means, but the first friends were no longer in a big company

     From the time Edge Eclark used to work, friends were coyly type then somehow the company

     Grabbed the head manager and slowly got the project manager's chair from the