Well I don't think there's a better way to express your love for someone, than through songs. Cards, or the well planned 'unexpected gift at an unexpected time', all pale in comparison. In life, all you need is love, uhhh, & chocolate, & a good bank balance, & high speed internet!!

  • An Imaginary Confession

    At which moment love expresses at it best

    I am not saying about just a romantic relationship. May the relationship of a parent and a child, husband and wife, between friends or lovers. Though we love our dear ones, we express it only whenever it is needed. We may express it more when we see a friend after many years, soon after


  • Bheel Mahabharata Eulogises Love of Snake King with Draupadi

    The Mahabharata is one of the oldest epics ever written. Experts are of the opinion that perhaps it was written around 4500 BC. This epic predates the Iliad and the Odessey by at least a few centuries. Like the Greek epics the Mahabharata also  has some interpolations and

  • Despite Polyandry and 5 Husbands Draupadi Emerges as a Liberated Woman in Mahabharata

    India is home to great literature and two of the greatest epics originated from the sub-continent. They are the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The Mahabharata is the more voluminous tome and also covers the entire gamut of human emotion. It portrays it's tale on a vast canvas and also raises

  • Did Draupadi have a Secret Love for Karna ?

    I love to write on contentious topics.  here is a idea that germinated in my mind after reading the translation of the Mahabharata by C Rajagopal Chary. This is a very graphic account of the Mahabharata, which is essentially an account of a battle between two clans who were cousins, namely

  • Friendship- another name for life

    Friendship is a flower placed in true heart's vase, bringing comfort and peace all your days. It is an epidemic of codependency and the only true care.Some relations are made by god and those which he forget to name are bound by a precious relation of Friendship. Friendship is a two way road.

  • Have You Seen The Holy Angels of God?

    I have always seen Gabriel and Michael, the archangels of God standing next to me in all the situations. So, did anyone of you experience the same? They protect us, love us, care for us and are obedient and humble. It is a soothing experience to have them in your life.

    The angels of God

  • How to manage relationship breakdown

    Separating is an extreme time. It tends to be better or more terrible relying upon how you manage it. Here is some data to assist you with perceiving how you're feeling, and why. 



    You'll likewise discover tips for traversing the finish of your

  • I Quit...chapter 1

    This was my 1st ever drive in my friend’s car. We were in 1st year of Bachelors Of Commerce.

    I was amazed by the experience of fast cars. My friend was perfect on the car. Drifting and spinning his car at top speed was so easy for him.

    I asked my dad if I could learn

  • Looking for love

    I've gone through a seachange in the last few years. I'm no longer the timid, tall guy that I was during my late teens, or the angry young man in my 20s. Reading has permeated every nook & corner of my existence. Honestly speaking, I've never felt this bodacious in all the 33 revolutions

  • Lost in love? Scared that it's not gonna work? Here are 10 keys to make it work

    In this busy and stressed life of 21st Century we take relationships to casually. We leave the second moment  when something goes out of our league. We don't take even a moment to think about it and work on it. I myself have been in a relationship for 7 years. And in this long run I have

  • The Best Real-Life Love Story Ever Made On Silver Screen

    Last Week, I watched a terrific Malayalam movie new release - Ennu Ninte Moideen (Yours Moideen) based on the real life tragic love story of Kanchanamala and Moideen which happened in a small village Mukkam of Kozhikode during 1960s and 1970s. Kanchanamala is a Hindu while Moideen was a Muslim


    Is there a formula which explains how we fall in love? Something that helps us approximate how likely we are to find true love?

    Before we get to the maths behind this phenomenon we call love, let's see how to define the things we're gonna calculate, approximate &

  • When Problems Come In Through The Door..

    One of my friends’ daughter was married last year to a boy of her choice, younger than her by 4 years and less educated and coming from a different class and religious community. This was not liked by the parents and relatives on both sides but that did not

  • which is bigger or giant for us mother or son ? let think if there is a condition exist for us, in which we can save one person, our mother or our son???? whom you will save and why ????

    whom you will save your mother, or your son and why???