• What are the qualities you search in your future wife ?

  • What are the qulities you search in your future husband ?

  • I Quit...chapter 1

    This was my 1st ever drive in my friend’s car. We were in 1st year of Bachelors Of Commerce.

    I was amazed by the experience of fast cars. My friend was perfect on the car. Drifting and spinning his car at top speed was so easy for him.

    I asked my dad if I could learn

  • Love Proposal

    If you love someone , go for it . what are you afraid of ? Rejection? Are you sure you will get rejected ? Why not give it a try? Even if you got rejected ,you will atleast have mental peace that you atleast confessed.You will learn a lesson from it . Sitting at a place and doing nothing .


    Each relationship starts with love; un-defined love. But some obstacles doesn't let love birds withstand. Marriage is two people being together, who share each thought, who faces each happiness and sadness altogether.


    Don't forget a good

  • Starting a new life in a new way

    Just now came across this article and wanted to share with you all. These days everyone is spending so much money on the weddings. Is it not an unnecessary show of pomp and luxury? The amount can be well spent in so many other and more beneficial way. One such example is set by Abhay and

  • Two sides of the coin of the wedlock

    A marriage is union of two people and their families after an agreement with witnesses. Marriage can been performed either through court or the traditional way. It can be love marriage or arranged marriage. It is said that marriage is a very holy relation between two souls. There

  • When Problems Come In Through The Door..

    One of my friends’ daughter was married last year to a boy of her choice, younger than her by 4 years and less educated and coming from a different class and religious community. This was not liked by the parents and relatives on both sides but that did not