Nehru and China

  • How India lost the leadership of Asia to China

    The world is a dynamic place and nothing is static. Nations produce leaders who make their countries great and some do not have the vision and let their countries down. A classic example is China and India in Asia. The 19th and 20th century saw a see-saw between the two for a prominent position

  • India China Equation: India is the Laggard


    India and China have been neighbours since the dawn of history. However, Tibet was the adjacent country and most times acted as a buffer between Indian and China. But China has always claimed Tibet as a part of China. Tibetan leaders at various stages have

  • The Legacy of Nehru as Seen after 50 Years of his Death

    Jawaharlal Nehru was India's first prime minister. In a way, he was the most important man in Indian history after independence as he was to lead India forward after 1100 years of rule by foreigners.India had almost 900 years of Muslim rule  followed by 200 years of British rule.Thus, when