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  • Methi Poriyal

    Methi Poriyal


    Methi or Fenugreek is a small bitter brown seed that is  very nutritious and a healthy way to lowering blood sugar in diabetics. Methi poriyal is a dry dish which can be used as a side dish with rasam or sambar rice. It can also be taken as a protein

  • Potatoes, one of the most versatile vegetables

    I doubt if there are many people who do not like Potatoes..children love them in any form and they are nutritious and tasty. One can prepare at least a dozen dishes using using potatoes and every household stocks up Potatoes along with Tomatoes and Onions which no kitchen can do

  • Single Cell Protein

    Already more than 25% of human population is suffering from hunger and malnutrition. Both human population and animal population are rising. Conventional agricultural produce of cereals, pulses, vegetables and fruits would not be able to meet the rising demand of food. It can be

  • What is custom diet plan means

    Now a day mostly heard term is custom diet plan so what is this?