Pakistan Air Force

  • Pakistan is Part of "the Axis of Evil"

    The word evil has been used many times in politics. Ronald Reagon  used the word " The Evil Empire" to describe the Soviet Union. Late George Bush used the word " Axis of Evil" to describe the 3 renegade nations at that time ; namely Iran, North Korea and Iraq. The Soviet Union

  • Spy Mission over Pakistan that Boomeranged

    Some incidents stand out, which a nation does not want to remember. One such incident that the IAF , the Air Staff and the Government of India would like to forget is the 1959 spy mission over Pakistan which turned into a fiasco. At that time my Father was in the Air Force and stationed at Agra

  • There is an Indian Air Force Captured Gnat in Karachi Air Force Museum


    I was aware that Pakistan had captured an intact Folland Gnat interceptor of the Indian Air Force in the 1965 war. This aircraft is displayed at the Karachi Air Museum of the Pakistan Air Force. This frankly is