• Can there be a Solution to Kashmir Problem?

    Kashmir is the Northernmost state of India and the only Muslim majority as well. It has 3 distinct regions namely the valley( 95% Muslim), Jammu(80% Hindu) and Ladakh (75% Buddhist). The ruler of this state at the time of independence in 1947 was Hari Singh. In 1947 he signed the instrument of

  • Do some parts of Pakistan interested in joining India

    It is news that peoples of POK is doing agitation against Pakistan and they like to come to India. Here in Rajasthan Pakistani peoples, Hindu, after coming here don't like to go back. Is it possible that in coming years POK and Sindh join India?

  • Historical Facts on Partition of India and role Gandhi, Patel and Nehru

    India became free on 15th August 1947 and generally Nehru's famous speech "Tryst with Destiny" is often quoted has the high point of his political thought. On the face, it looks rosy but if you take the petals away one will see the thorns.

    One nation


  • Indian Muslims are equal says Taslima Nasreen

    Of course this is a fact since Muslims themselves would never leave India and go to Pakistan or Bangla Desh if they are given a choice because of the freedom they get here. Our politicians use them as tools to garner votes and tend to pamper them with ulterior motives.Interestingly Taslima also

  • Islamic Pakistan and Alcohol Manufacture

    The state of Pakistan was the dream of the poet Iqbal, who visualized a homeland for Muslims of the sub-continent. That's the reason he used the word "Pak" meaning "pure" in Urdu, as the name of the new nation. Pakistan had a tortuous birth as an Islamic state and the country soon, despite the

  • Notes on Kargil war: Timidity of Vajpayee Government Cost India a Victory

    The Kargil operation in Kashmir under the aegis of the BJP and the Vajpayee government is generally touted in the Indian press as a great victory. At the outset let me inform readers on Boddunan that I was very much part of the operations and what I write now is from personal knowledge. I feel

  • Pakistan is Part of "the Axis of Evil"

    The word evil has been used many times in politics. Ronald Reagon  used the word " The Evil Empire" to describe the Soviet Union. Late George Bush used the word " Axis of Evil" to describe the 3 renegade nations at that time ; namely Iran, North Korea and Iraq. The Soviet Union

  • Pakistan Stooping down to a new level..

    This comes as a big shock. This has been making headlines and has been debated on several news channel.

    Pakistan has reduced it self to a big spot on civilized world. 


  • Religious Extremism has a Hand as Pakistan Bans Hindi Film "Padman"


    Pakistan is the obverse side of India. It is the second side of the coin. If India was heads Pakistan would be tails. Both countries are of the same racial stock and have by and large have the same ethos and culture but over the decades Pakistan which was conceived

  • The Hanging of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto will remain on the Conscious of the Pakistan Army

    Pakistan is the obverse image of India and has similar roots.The Pakistan army also has a shared history with the British Indian army and some of the Muslim regiments like the Punjab regiments and the Baluch regiments made a name for them in terms of bravery and loyalty in two World Wars.

  • The Kashmir problem is the Creation of Jwaharlal Nehru

    Kashmir is India's northernmost state, but it is divided into 3 parts and India only controls about 45% of the area as the rest of the area is under occupation of China and Pakistan. Historically Kashmir was part of the Mughul Empire and later after the collapse of the Mughul rule  was

  • Why Pakistan Hates India; A look from the Pak side

     I have had the privilege of visiting Pakistan many times, mostly it was in connection with my official work. I must admit that I was always treated with great respect and I had the occasion of befriending many officers of the Pakistan army. These were always friendly talks but it gave me