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  • How much early payment can be requested?

    I read in FAQ page of Boddunan, "If you are an active member on forums you may request early payment as well."

    Can you explain it in detail; how much active a member need to

  • How to Withdraw Money From Your PayPal Account

    In this article, you shall learn how to withdraw your money from your PayPal account. To withdraw your money, the first thing you need to do is ‘Login’ to your account by entering your ‘Username/Password’. The moment you ‘Login’ to your PayPal account, you will reach the ‘Overview Menu Option’

  • Next Payment Issue?

    Can I know when will be the next payment issue from Admin?

    I want to know this because Mr Suni has asked me to wait till next payment issue for my payment to be released.

  • Payment clarity

    Its been more than a month since I reached my minimum threshold of 1500, yet I am not even seeing a processing status against my name in the payment section, I have already submitted the Bank details from Boddunan Support from Contact section, yet I haven't received any reply nor the status is

  • Payment not received by soni2006

    Hi team,


    I has been really disappointing to note that my payment for Rs.1495 has been put on hold since 2010. I worked for boddunan in writing several articles in the beginning when the site was created. At that time you made prompt payments but what has happened now. You

  • When is the payment generally processed?

    Will the payment be processed after reaching 1500 or more than that it is required to be there for being processed for the first time?

    I have reached 1528 about 3 days back, but my name is not appearing in processing in payment section.

    When can I expect the payment status to be