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  • A Change of scene - IPS officers with medical, engineering degrees

    This is good news since earlier we saw cops with minimum educational qualifications given too much power which they misused. Now, with the new trend of highly qualified people deciding to join the police force, one sincerely hopes that a positive change takes place in the face of policing

  • Choice of profession

    Not many can choose a profession of their choice, and there have been many individual cases where people have changed their profession in the later stage of their life. I am sure many of us would change our professions given an opportunity...your thoughts ?

  • Facebook brings change in lifestyle?????

    I have been on facebook since 2007 and seen its different stages of growth and evolution... I joined in 2007 just with the intention of promoting my articles and that's what most members did those days and a little bit of socialising too.But as the members grew and socialising increased , it

  • Indian Passport Holders - Take Note !!!

    Hand written passports will become invalid from tomorrow onward , so before you plan on an international trip make sure that you get your passport changed since it will not be accepted as a travel document unless it gets updated 


  • Nice to see lot of changes in boddunan website

    Its Nice to see lot of changes in boddunan website. Lot of changes I am looking and lot of old friends still active here. I am posting this little happiness after long time.

    Can any one update me whats new changes in boddunan websites.


  • Reservation & Its Misinterpretation

    Reservation & its Misinterpretation

  • Things you should do after waking up daily!!

  • Top Five Pregnancy Myths I had to Deal with

    When I was expecting my little one, I was elated but honestly, my pregnancy was not so comfortable. I used to disapprovingly smile at everyone who used to say- Oh pregnancy is such a blissful period for women, enjoy your time and take rest. In reality,