• Top 5 Reasons Which Will Make You Proud Of INDIA

    Top 5 Reasons Which Will Make You Proud Of INDIA 

    By- Surya Pratap


     INDIA is well known for its prosperity and large diversity. But also here are

  • What is meaning of life for you ?

    Yesterday I was watching a TV serial on Epic channel. I saw that in the Eastern India states where we have forests and national parks such as Kaziranga , a group of guards have a job to protect the elephants and rhinos from being killed by humans living in neighbouring villages. Every night

  • When get fed up with life and feel to die, ask back question

    When life is filled only with troubles and problems, you feel now nothing is in living, better to die, think again what's in death, life makes everyone cry some of them fail to cope and go for suicide. 

    At least once such a situation comes in front of everyone, when we do not get

  • When i visited jaipur first time

    I was in kota, rajasthan.I was here preparing for IIT. I came here during the time when lockdowns were opening and my institute also get opened.I was happy because I had heard a lot of kota and Rajasthan as well and was very curious to reach here as soon as possible.I reached here in September

  • मेरी जिंगगी

    डर, शिकायत किसी बात की नही होगी,

    पता नही आगे की जिंदगी कैसी और क्या होगी..

    लेकिन मित्र,



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