• Publisher: Book Faith India

    Genre: Literature/Fiction

    Price: Rs.195

    Rating: 8/10


    In this ever changing world of today, something remains the same. That constant thing is spending time, reading, enjoying and journeying with a great book. A great

  • Colleen Hoover

    Colleen Hoover is an American author who is a writer of the genre classified as Young Adult fiction. This genre of books appeals to a wide audience from young teens to older people. Colleen Hoover is a young American. She was born in

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    Sometimes, being exposed to dust for a long time, causes dirt on our skin, causing pimples and acne on our skin. Many girls use a lot of beauty products to overcome these problems, but using these beauty

  • Director: Nitesh Tiwari 

    Cast :Amir Khan, Zaira Wasim, Fatima Sana Shaikh, Sanya Malhotra, Suhani Bhatanagar

    Rating:4.9/5 (A MUST

  • K-pop means Korean pop or Korean popular Music. To simplify it ,Do you know the Famous Band BTS or Bangtan Boys that became South korea's Special envoys at UN General assembly recently, is a K-pop band or can be said as the Most Famous K-pop band ever. 

    Teenagers likes  to spend money to fulfill their desires and their needs on buying smartphones, sports bike going for trips with friends or saving for further studies. 

    But for that first they need to work and earn money. But unfortunately most of them actually starts earning

  • “The Kokborok Kokreke is one of

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  • Cast:-Scott Adkin, Rhona Mitra, Robert Knepper

    Producer:- Chris Lowenstein

     Rating:-Never watched this movie


    You must have seen bad movies, very bad movies, worse movies and worst movies. But you might have not seen the

  • Director  : Daniel Gansel

    Cast : Jason Statham, Michelle Yeoh, Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee Jones


    Writer :Paulo Coelho

    Price :Rs. 325





  • This book was the winner of the Man Booker prize for the year 2008 and that itself says something about the content and quality of the book.

    About the author Aravind Adiga

    Aravind Adiga was born in India in 1974 and was raised partly in Australia. He attended

  • vizag is going to be soon on top among other cities in the world. From last position with the help of international fleet review it has been developed very well and reached fifth position and soon it will reach top position. and government is takitg much responsibilities and care regarding such