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  • Alcoholism

    The Supreme Court today upheld the the Kerala government's liquor policy restricting sale of liquor to five-star hotels. The apex court dismissed a batch of petitions filed by hotel bars association challenging the new excise policy which prohibits the sale of liquor and three or four star

  • Are We Indians Ready For Tejas and Vande Bharat Trains?

    Indian Railways is the fourth largest railway network in the world. Inspite of being the fourth largest railway network of the world, majority of train rakes of indian railway are running with an average

  • ASPIRIN tablets can remove acne and pimples problems, know it's all benefits

    ASPIRIN tablets can remove acne and pimples problems, know it's all benefits

    Sometimes, being exposed to dust for a long time, causes dirt on our skin, causing pimples and acne on our skin. Many girls use a lot of beauty products to overcome these problems, but using these beauty

  • Being Safe - A campaign to promote Safe & Secure Society

    How it Started?

    The world is very beautiful. So our society is. Though there are unavoidable incidents and accidents keep on occur. Life & Death has always been mysterious. But if taken preventive measures, with proper knowledge, practice and alertness, some of them can be

  • India and power cuts!!

    Hello everyone, hope you guys are doing well. I am here to give you a free advice start developing a habit of charging your Mobile phone , "Monsoon" is coming, it's not fictional thing like GOT but it's horrible as same as fictional. 

    Since our childhood we faced this demon which

  • Latest On Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train: 70 Daily Rides, 7 Kms Under Sea

    The 508-km Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail Project will entail an estimated cost of R...

  • One Rank One Pension not yet Sanctioned for Armed Forces

    The armed forces of India have a long legacy that trace their history to days of the Raj. During the colonial period, the British rulers built up a formidable fighting machine that saw action in two world wars and played a significant role in the ultimate victory of the Allies. The army was a

  • Saving The Big Cats.

    Recently our government has released ‘All India Tiger Estimation Result’ 2019 with the census of tigers till 2018. According to the survey India has the largest number of Tigers in the world with the number reaching almost to 3000. 

    Second country is Russia with tiger number only

  • Social injustice

    I heard and read the expression ‘social justice’ when I was in my school days. It was often mentioned in my civics book. But it was only part of a compulsory lesson; it made no sense to me. Lower caste, upper caste, economic equality and social injustice were dead counters to me. I played with

  • Social Life Today

    Earlier in olden days before the invention of telephones and other means of communication people, people would travel miles and miles to see their friends, relatives and even their loved ones. The conversations were more lively involving more love, affection, and happiness. People back then

  • The More, The Merrier



  • The recent state election results and the future ..

    Now that the battle for Gujrat and Himachal Pradesh has ended with victory for BJP in both the states , I feel there are certain issues that need to be addressed seriously by all political parties. My own thoughts on them ..

    1, BJP , although has lost out in the number of seats has

  • What is the best way to deal with depression?

    Depression in Intermediate & College days are becoming more & more common & we are finding classes seperately for this in different colleges. What do you think is the best way to deal with depression? How can one come out of it at the earliest by own or with help? How can one be