• lonelyness is not a barbaadi

    Aaj fir ek bar Astha har jaati hai [rote huye] “kyu aaj mai fir ek baar har gyi ,kya mai zindagi mai kbhi aage nhi bdh paungi, kya mere sapne adhure reh jayenge ,kya meri 

  • Majerhat bridge collapse in Kolkata

    Majerhat bridge which was in South Kolkata collapsed killing 1 person. News says that government was warned 2 years before for this as cracks were developing in the bridge but still no action was taken. Now people are starting to ponder that why it is common in India that bridges and roads

  • Mallaya escapade

    Vijay Mallaya  in an interview in London says Indian banks should have been careful in giving him loans, they knew the state of his airline business and are equally responsible now for his defaults.

  • Mayweather win right....?

    Mayweather won the bout with relative ease as he predicted for himself, but later on pacquiao said he was punched in the hand where he was having pain. Is it a real victory as just a rematch is on the cards as the uk news channel suggests in the year 2016..

  • Me Too campaign in Bollywood

    After Tanushree Dutta's allegations, many more models, generalist, news reporters and actresses have brought forward their allegations. We don't know how many of these allegations are true but many people of Bollywood are now taking stand against these allegations. Your thoughts?

  • Mind full of thoughts

    Hi people myself ruru. Hope you all are doing well in your life. 

    Today I'm here to share my thoughts on what a teenage girl could have millions of thoughts in her mind. 

    sorry, I won't be able to write my thoughts on this.

    Have a great day you all....

  • Modern India and The Slaughter of Science

    India is the largest democracy in the world, having a population of 133.92 crores (as of 2017). This vast population comprises of a number of people belonging to different religions, castes and tribes. This complex amalgamation of different ideologies, beliefs and

  • My Thoughts on the Documentary "Daughter of India"

    Entire India is agog with the news that a documentary film has been made on the subject on the 16 December rape of a 23 year old girl in a moving bus in Delhi. Almost all news channels led by Arnab Goswami of the Times News have slotted special discussions and debates on this documentary, which

  • National Daughters Day

    The National Daughters Day 

  • Nature and Its Beauty

    Need for common language for communication in India ?

    We have seen in India there is lot of discrimination on basis of language. If you go to Andhra or Telangana then Telugu people will be preferred if you go to Tamil Nadu then Tamil speaking people are given preference. Similarly in Karnataka - Kannada speaking people and in West Bengal -Bengali

  • North Korea- A Dangerous Nuclear Power

    The Dictator in Making 

    Whenever I read North Korean dictator threatening South Korea and America with atomic weapons I feel like laughing aloud although this is not a matter of laughing. The way Kim Jong-un leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea talks and keeps

  • OBOR China : Reason to worry for Pakistan ?

    China's OBOR(One Belt One Road) initiative can be a reason of concern for Pakistan because in past China helped to build Hambantota port in Sri Lanka but when Sri Lankan government could not pay back the debt , China acquired the port. Pakistan's economy is also not in good shape so it will be

  • Old beliefs and their scientific reasons

    Many of our ancestral beliefs,customs and practices have a scientific or logical explaination. Jotting down a few here. Plz add on if you are aware of any more.

    1. Should not cut nails at night:: in olden days sources of light were minimal so it was adviced to refrain from cutting nails

  • Oneer Tm :: Provision for safe drinking water

    Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has developed Oneer TM which can provide clean filtered drinking water. This is particularly targeted for rural areas where we do not get clean and pure drinking water. The output cost of clean water will be around 2 paise / litre. It will be

  • our language

    Is hindi official language of india 

  • Palau - The first country to ban sunscreen lotions

    According to an estimate, every year around 14000 tonnes of sunscreen lotion gets washed into the oceans when the people who use these lotions, enter into sea for swimming or fun. The sunscreen contains various harmful chemicals which can damage the Corals reef in the ocean. Palau has become

  • Passive Euthanasia legalised in India

    Passive Euthanasia has been legalised in India in which it is legal to remove life support of Individual whi is in permanent vegetative state for very long time. Every country has different laws for Euthanasia. In India Euthanasia was legalised in March 2018 as a result of Aruna Shabaug case.

  • pre primary schooling

    Pre-essential schooling is viewed as vital for the kid as it is the initial move towards entering the world of information just as a sound and intentional life. Pre-primary instruction assists youngsters with getting freer also, certain just as advancing the inside and

  • Programming - A Recap of Frontend Development in 2019

    2019 was the time of TypeScript. Not just has TypeScript become the defector decision for adding information types to JS code, numerous designers are regularly choosing for use it over vanilla JavaScript for both individual undertakings and at work. 


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