• Rethinking water usage

    Few days back it was all Chennai in the news for water scarcity and now the news is flowing about the floods in various parts of our country like Kerela, Mumbai Etc. Where on one hand in Chennai it was costing a lot to even have water to drink; on the other hand people are dying because of

  • Rising stress levels in Indian private sector

    People in Indian private sector especially the IT sector are facing high stress levels. In past 6 months itself I read few suicide cases of people who used to work in IT sector. Actually the way people work in India is not ethical. People in India continuously try to pull other people down

  • Road to e-vehicles possible in India ?

    Indian government is currently stressing for usage of e-vehicles, do you think that it is really possible to enforce strict rules for usage of e-vehicles in India? I live in Maharashtra and here still the old autos use Kerosene maybe because it gives out black awful smoke. The government could

  • Rocky Yadav Gets a bail

    Another slap on the face of society. Law is not equal for all. If you are affluent politically or financially, you can buy law.

    Rocky Yadav, the accused in cold blooded murder of Aditya, a class 12 student gets a bail. He belongs to a politically affluent family. This comes from the

  • Rs 20 lakh offered to withdraw Journalist's murder case in U.P.

    A few days ago a Journalist was murdered in U.P., case was filed against some policemen and a minister. But now the minister is offering rs. 20 lakh and a govt. job to a family member to withdraw the case.




    A revolution that took place in Russia during an international war i.e. World War I is called as Russian Revolution. World War I started in 1914 and ended by 1917 and during this period, in the year 1917 a revolution took place in Russia.

    What is

  • SAARC loosing significance

    SAARC(South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) was established with aim of promoting peace and cooperation in South Asian region. As per the recent events it seems that SAARC Is loosing its significance. Nepal is showing it is bending more towards China and so is Maldives and Sri

  • saftey measures

    what are the steps we should take during Corona pendamic before buying vegetables and how to wash vegetables before use.

  • Saudi Arabia awakes from Obscurantism

    Saudi Arabia is a large country that occupies almost the entire Arabian Peninsula. It is also the only country in the world named after a dynasty. Saudi Arabia is ruled by the Saudi dynasty, which is also supposed to be the guardian and the custodian of the two most Holy  Shrines in Islam,

  • Scope for 4th Industrial Revolution in India

    World Economic Forum has selected India as one of other places for Fourth Industrial Revolution. Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra government are pairing up with WEF to bring some revolution in field of drones, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies. We all hope that this development

  • Secularism in India is Perverted by Hindu Leaders

    In 1947, the Indian National Congress Party opted for a secular republic in preference to a Hindu Rashtra. The Congress party was then headed by 2 leaders Nehru and Gandhi who wanted to win over the Muslims. Gandhi in particular had a great desire to be a mascot for Muslims as well and was thus

  • Sentenalese tribe of Andaman

    In a recent incident involving Sentenalese tribe, an American national was killed by the tribe with arrows since he tried to enter their area. It is said that Sentenalese people like to live alone in reclusion. They kill any one who tries to enter their area. They also speak a language which

  • Shameless dialogues of a popular Senior actor and Politician of AP

    The Senior actor Balakrishna's controversal lines at an audio launch stage. and later he covered saying it is related to the movie. ...

  • Share Market - A trade done on Financial Statements or BOD meetings or both...

    If we have to learn how to trade in Share Market what are the indicators one should look into, is it the Financial Statements of quarter end or is it the meetings results or what else are the considerations for deciding investment and switching...?

  • should nepotism be in our society


    we are seeing nepotism from ancient period ,the son of king will be the next king or the son of any post holder will be the next holder and its still continuing in modern times . there are many examples of nepotism in our modern

  • Should Pakistanis be sent back???

    After the surgical attacks by the army... There have been few people who insist that India completely cut off its pakistani ties and send back all its people...including actors businessman etc.... Recently Karan Johar n mahesh Bhatt have opposed ths view.

    So whats your take on it?

  • Situation of dowry in India at present :: Your views

    Even though it is prohibited  in India to take dowry in marriage, this practice is continuing openly. Many people argue that when a girl can ask alimony for divorce then why can't people ask dowry. So the people who take dowry say the reason to have financial stability dowry is justified.

  • Smile-remedy for all ills!

    After the common cold, the next thing,but the best thing that catches us quickly is a smile. A comic show on the telly, a baby that gives us a drooling smile in the train, an empathetic stranger in a long winding queue, anything makes you smile as a rejoinder.

    Reading the facial

  • Social and moral responsibility of Indian Cinema

    Indian Cinema started off by creating awareness amongst people about the evils such as caste system, dowry system and zamindari system for example. It helped in great extent to broaden the mindset of people. Many movies also played important role in educating about the rich history of India and

  • Spiritual or Religious

    Being spiritual or religious is same or different things? Are you religious or spiritual ? What you consider yourself?