• Trump may end up as a Great President

    When the United United States election campaign commenced Donald Trump was not expected to win. Everybody including the political pundits had forecast that the winner would be Hillary Clinton. However, it did not happen that way and the Dark Horse Donald Trump stormed and won the election. He



  • Try these to Keep Monday Blues Away

    Plan your work in advance

    Do you think in terms of “What I need is someone who will make me do what I can”? Maybe you did not plan you work properly in advance and that’s why you’re finding

  • UK school bans girls from wearing short skirts

    A girls school in UK has banned on wearing short skirts for students. If it would have happened in India, people would have started shouting that girls have freedom to wear anything they like. Western countries started following our culture and we are still running behind western

  • Umbrella forecasts when its going to rain

    Do you believe this, Umbrella forecasts when its going to rain




  • Use of the term "Dalit" in media

    Information and broadcast ministry has issued a directive that media my refrain from using the word "Dalit" for backward classes, "Dalit" word means downtrodden or broken. They suggested that scheduled class is the better and more suitable word for backward classes. We already have huge debate

  • Usefulness to the society


    Solitude might be relaxing and pleasing for a while, but as quoted by Aristotle, ‘Man is a social animal’ and therefore being cut off from the world is neither healthy nor agreeable. Besides the physical and material needs, our emotional needs too are fulfilled by the society.

  • wearing ear rings in both ears

    Am now 59 years old, and enjoy wearing ear rings in both my ears.  I got this done on the advise of a spiritual person, as it is part of our Tamil Brahmin tradition in getting it done this way, that is, ear rings with a medium prized diamond stud and worn like the priests in

  • Wearings earrings by men

    Prompted by a very spiritual person on the Tamil Brahmin community, that I belong to, to wear earrings in both ears, I have started wearing them for a while, It used to be the culture of those days for men above fifty years, to wear earrings in both ears, and this was particularly true of Tamil

  • Whai is Leadership All About?

    Leadership is the art of getting others to want to do something you are convinced should be done. The origin of the word "Lead" is a word meaning "to go". Leadership requires interaction with others being one with 'them and perhaps coming down to their level. The leader is one

  • What does freedom mean to you?

    How did you visualize freedom?

  • what frustrates you the most

  • What is meaning of life for you ?

    Yesterday I was watching a TV serial on Epic channel. I saw that in the Eastern India states where we have forests and national parks such as Kaziranga , a group of guards have a job to protect the elephants and rhinos from being killed by humans living in neighbouring villages. Every night

  • What is the best way to deal with depression?

    Depression in Intermediate & College days are becoming more & more common & we are finding classes seperately for this in different colleges. What do you think is the best way to deal with depression? How can one come out of it at the earliest by own or with help? How can one be

  • What is the meaning of prayer?

    What does prayer means? Why do we pray? Its just an ritual or something more. Reciting aarti at home or in temple has any purpose or we have just become habitual of doing this?

  • What to do when your mail gets hacked...?

    What if one's "only" mail-id gets hacked and all the other accounts are linked to it. What to do in such a situation...?

  • What would you like to convey to Indians?

  • What’s the key to achieve success in life?

  • When Problems Come In Through The Door..

    One of my friends’ daughter was married last year to a boy of her choice, younger than her by 4 years and less educated and coming from a different class and religious community. This was not liked by the parents and relatives on both sides but that did not

  • Why cant we do away with article 370 and have a common civil code? these are the 2 greatest impediments to integration as a nation.

    India has myriad problems and these are compounded by a lack of uniform civil code and article 370 which was introduced by Nehru. The directive principle s of the Indian constitution  lays down the requirement of a common civil code for all Indians.