• Impostors among us.


    Back in the day, I was enjoying playing game called "Among us " with my friends. At the time I never heard the word impostor before or what it means. After googling it that hit me hard( Person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others).I stopped playing

  • Improving conditions of transgenders in our country

    We all come across transgenders or enunchs, begging for money at traffic signal or at functions and wedding. They have no option but to beg or go for prostitution for living. Please feel free to give your opinion about improving their condition

  • Imran Khan sweating in ceremony

    What do you think about Sidhu hugging Pakistan Army chief ? Do you think this is politically motivated move or he was just being himself due to his basic nature ?

  • India - France sign "Mobilise Your City" Agreement

    India and France have signed Mobilise Your City agreement. According to this agreement France will support India with 3.5 million Euros to help reduce carbon emissions from the transport vehicles.  Under this agreement India will try to bring green vehicles for transportation with cities.

  • India - The Country still Alive

    India - The Country still Alive


    India, Bharat, Hindustan

    The only civilization that after so many attacks and loots is still living in its purest form. Smiling and laughing, playing, jumping and dancing. Its alive till now when other civilization born and

  • India and its basic health infrastructure

    We are good and bad at healthcare

    According to report prepared by the World Health Organization India is at lowly position of 112 among the 190 countries. That is not a healthy situation according to India’s overall growth story in total growth. Generally speaking, there is a wide gap

  • India vs Pakistan: is it a case of David and Goliath

    India during the days of the Raj was one monolith unit. In fact, for the first time in history, the Indian subcontinent was one nation. It was a country that stretched from the North West frontier to give Cape Comorin and from Baluchistan the Far East Himalayas beyond Assam.

    The two

  • Indian Education System

    Indian education system is said to be old and outdated.Totally based on the rote learning. According to Indian Constitution free and compulsory education is provided as a fundamental right to children between the age of 6 and 14. Ratio of Public Schools to private schools in India is 7:5. India

  • Indian people's obsession with white skin

    I visited supermarket-Dmart yesterday and I saw 2 European ladies buying some stuff there. I was disturbed to see that people were trying to peep what they were interested in buying and what they were up to. Random people started smiling and staring at them and I could feel that they were

  • Indian poker association has challenged raids conducted by cops.

    HC asked the state government to clarify whether poker is a game of skill or gambling. 

  • INS Arihant completes Nuclear Triad for India

    India has become member of Nuclear Triad group. Only China, USA, Russia, France and India are capable of Nuclear Triad at present. India has Agni missiles which can deliver Nuclear Weapons through surface to surface, Mirage-2000 aircraft can fire Nuclear Weapons from air and INS Arihant is

  • Intolerance is on the rise in Indian society

    <p>The Times of India quoted Nobel Laureate Kailsah Satyarthi having said on Friday that intolerance is on the rise and there is a dialogue deficit between the government and its people. Not only intolerance but fear and apathy has also risen in the society at large

    Is becoming Godmen or Godwoman a good business in India?

    In our society after what we have been witnessing with regard to religion and it's so called religious leaders , more so pertaining to Hinduism , it is shocking to see people treating religion as a business . Who does one blame ? the cunning, corrupt and often criminal minded Godmen and

  • Is Donald Trump the Messiah to Save America Like Churchill in WW II


    After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the pendulum of world domination shifted to the Western world and for the next 200 years the British Empire was the greatest empire in the world.  After the end of World War I a new nation, young and vibrant

  • Is it right to always to express our feelings even when we know they could probably hurt our loved ones?

  • Is Rafale deal unfair ?

    It's in news that Modi government paid more price for the Rafale deal. What do you think of this ? Is Modi government also doing unfair business just like congress party did

  • Is really our armyman's deaths are going in vain as Indian goverment is not taking any strict action?

    The terrorist activism going on in Kashmir really need a necessary action to stop it.

  • Isn't it better to be a leader than a follower ?

     Leadership makes you strong!When you are a leader you have to face so many problems meanwhile, it makes you more strong.                        

  • Judging a person.

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer said that"Judging others we blind ourselves"but I think judging is the best way to know anyone, a little bit or a more.Different people judge others in different ways.Seeing way of talking or saying anything, dress ups, a way of living, type of job, or examine looks, this is

  • Kerala Floods

    Do you think that floods in Kerala are due to human abuse of natural resources or it is just a natural phenomenon nothing to do with mankind . What are your suggestions ?