A Special News- courtsey Sandhya Rani

    Our newly elected sportsminister on boxing legend, that too live for a leading Malayalam news channel.

  • Australians don't appeal for the verdict of COA

    After the decision of Banning for 12 Months & 9 Months were given by the Cricket of Australia, Steve Smith & Bancroft do not appeal for the verdict though they had the option & the most surprising thing was the non appealment of David Warner who was expected to

  • Badminton Scene in India

    The Indian Badminton scene is looking great and we have several players both in the Men's and Women's category, who are and can go on to win major championships. The players have brought laurels to the country and have certainly made us proud. Premier badminton league has improved the standards

  • Cricket is not just a game, It's an Emotion

    Cricket is not just a game, It's an Emotion

    When you talk about sports especially in India, the first sport that comes to mind is cricket. Cricket draws in 93% of all sports viewers in India. Most of the popular cricket stars of today got into cricket by playing on the streets. When

  • Favourite Team in Pro Kabaddi League?

    Do share your favourite team in the Pro Kabaddi League.

  • Is the risk worth taking for sportsperson who take steroids or performance enhancer drugs.?

    We have a heard a lot of news about sportsperson and even others taking performance enhancing drugs and steroids. Though these do help in boosting the performance, if found their whole career is ruined. Yet the sports person go for these drugs. Do you think these drugs are worth the risk?

  • Ken Norton vs Muhammad Ali: The Epic Boxing Matches

    Heavyweight professional boxing is the king of sports and one of the boxers who is recognised as the greatest is Muhammad Ali.  He was born a Christian, but converted to Islam, despite this for  reasons unknown he was the darling of the American masses. Ken Norton on the other hand

  • Proud of you Sakshi

    Congrats Sakshi Malik for winning Bronze @ Rio for 58 kg free style wrestling .She has made us all proud... and also ended India's medal draught @Rio....She was trailing at 0-5 and then foght back to win by 8-5 in the last 2 minutes ..

    Fingers crossed... hoping for another medal from PV

  • Swimming- one of the best sport for health

    I would like to share about an exercise that benefits everyone with good fitness by activating all and most of the body muscles. It is none other than swimming. It can be both outdoors as well as indoors in a private pool, canals, wells, rivers and where not. It is one of the oldest known

  • The biggest ever Pro Kabaddi League

    Pro Kabaddi League 6 is proving to be the biggest ever event for Kabaddi with 6 players receiving bids of over 1 crore rupees. The sports popularity is certainly increasing and the players are reaping their just rewards.


    What do you think about this? Do share your

  • What is Deaflympics ? its History

    The Deaflympics, additionally

    What needs to be done so India gets more medals in Olympics

    Hi All,

    As we all know we are already 5 days down and no medals yet for India. While there are other like the ace swimmer Michael from US has 21 Golds to his credit over the years and still counting. Its not that India does not have talent, its not that India does not have coaches, its