• A boy from outer space knocking my door

    It was pre-dawn hours. I was in deep slumber as I had kept up late hours at night. I woke up to a knock and started to see a boy between fourteen and sixteen seeking admission. I did not know him. He told that his name was Rakesh and he came from outer space. 

    His introduction

  • Embarrassing experience of my life

    An embarrassing situation is one where a man is in a fix. He is not in a position to control it. One such situation is narrated here. 

    I was coming home to attend my sister’s marriage. I had missed many marriages since I remained outside in different state. This time I had to make

  • Experiencing a situation which posed a challenge to me

    I loved arts, but my father was opposed to it. He belonged to an older cult where guardians preferred to adapt their children to the demands of the age. Naturally, science being the call, he thought that I was destined for it, what with my taste and propensities. But I stuck to my gun and my

  • Heavy metal

    Michael was an orphan who was raised in a foster home in Kentucky. His foster parents were over critical, & so this young man was insecure in his adolescent years. His only true companion was his iPod, which let him access his heavy metal music..... "Heavy

  • I Quit...chapter 1

    This was my 1st ever drive in my friend’s car. We were in 1st year of Bachelors Of Commerce.

    I was amazed by the experience of fast cars. My friend was perfect on the car. Drifting and spinning his car at top speed was so easy for him.

    I asked my dad if I could learn

  • Johny be good..

    Johny was skating down the road on his skateboard, swerving away from the curb, bustling through the traffic... The sun in the sky, the gentle wafting breeze, & his love for life kept Johny company. He was the brightest student in his class, was an excellent

  • The Making of a Stronger You

    It's funny that when a software is improvised the version needs to be changed. For example if it is SW then it become SW 1.2 or SW 2.0 and so on. And as time goes by it needs to be upgraded even though the change is so minor yet improvisation changes the version

  • The thrill of my life

    The term ‘thrill’ includes a mixture of adventure, fear and joy. My experience was of such a nature and in a way unique of its kind.

    Our school football team was a notable one. It won many trophies and much reputation. There was only one trophy which it could not lift. It always made up

  • The White Tiger

    This book was the winner of the Man Booker prize for the year 2008 and that itself says something about the content and quality of the book.

    About the author Aravind Adiga

    Aravind Adiga was born in India in 1974 and was raised partly in Australia. He attended

  • Two deeds of mine, one with joy, other with regrets!

    We know very well that so many events take place in our life. Among them, some give us joy and satisfaction and others become the causes of deep sorrows and regret. Here I am going to discuss about such two opponent deeds I have done. 

    Just three months ago our school arranged for