Success is a positive outcome of an action whether it is with the work you do, goal you want to achieve etc.
  • Who's the beautiful creation of GOD?

    Have your brain cells ever involved in the jam of significant thoughts to ponder about the most astute and beautiful creation of God?

    Well, if consulted me my sophisticated mind will reflect humans as the absolute creation of Almighty.Considering those numerous snippets and the flawless

  • winner

    Asia junior badminton champion ship winner 

    Indian youngstar LAKSHYA SEN.

  • World food day October 16

    Hello boddunan family members

    Today is world food day

    While the world has advanced in food technology, yet there are many who are unfed.

    Lots of contamination and adulteration in food.

    Are you aware of what you eat?

  • You should forget about others' opinion

    You cannot change overnight

    How would you react if I say that respecting others’ opinion is one thing but taking that literarily is neither necessary nor that puts you in a situation which strengthens their own position by

  • Your career is important- Think seriously before changing your job

    Problems professionals face during initial stages of their career

    People feel excited at the beginning of their professional career and feel right on clod seven. They wish to achieve

  • Your First Job- Check Out Your Priorities

    Got a job – Now what next? 

    I am sure this could be true for government jobs however, people having big dreams never quit their efforts, government or private but there are very few in government sector, (sorry, but true).