• Air taxis in 2023

    Uber is planning to have Air Taxis by the year 2023. The phenomena which we used to observe in sci-fi movies is on the verge of becoming a reality. But only time will tell how safe will be those vehicles. So many years have passed since the Air planes were discovered, but still Air accidents

  • Best smartphone among Asus M1, Realme 2 and Redmi 6

    Would like your views on which smartphone is the best choice based on your or your friends experience. Thank you in advance!

  • Do you want to charge several gadgets at once?

    Yes you can charge several gadgets wirelessly at once using the device "Wattup" within a 15 foot radius of its transmitter. It locates the devices to be charged using the Bluetooth concept.


  • Evolution of cell phones

    Ever wondered how fast cellular technology has developed? Remember those huge basic hand-held devices with vulgar designs which were in the market ages ago with unaffordable prices? Yes, it was all there from where the present smartphones come from. As I was reading some latest specs of the

  • Microsoft internet phone with 29-day battery life

    "Nokia 215" Microsoft's  cheapest internet phone will be launched soon with 29 day battery life. It is best suited for basic and budget peoples who want entry level phone at the lowest cost .


  • Sun powered plane - Solar impulse 2

    The solar impulse -2 sun powered plane has the capacity of flying 26 hour using the lithium battery backup. The goal of the solar impulse-2 is to fly non stop for more than 120 hours(5 days and 5 nights).