• 4 Effective Yoga Postures for Strengthening Muscles

    Since time immemorial, Yoga has been a most reliable method to heal the common health problems. It is basically about practicing some body postures daily and retaining them for some time limit. It should be practiced at the time of dusk and dawn for better results. There are many Yoga postures

  • Generic & Biosimilars medicines in India

    Our Prime minister Mr Modi has been emphasising on more production and use of generic drugs. Generic drugs are medicines which are similar to the original medicine but they are of lesser cost since they are not sold under the original brand name. Considering the poverty in India it is very


    Can Indian age old treatment method -AYURVEDA & SIDDHA control the disease Corona Virus .?

  • Pharma companies don't create cures they create customers

    Are the medicines that we take or the ones doctor prescribes...are these really curing the disease. I read somewhere that for a medical store to run profitably it needs only 6 sugar patients... 

    So what do we do take the medicines or not?? Whom do we go and complain to???


    Now a days here in our area we are listening about  Reiki Healing. Is It true that it provides energy , give benefits to our body and helpful in curing diseases..