Trump and America

  • Donald Gets Going on the Wall: Repurcussions

    The clock has turned full circle and a man which the 4th estate detested and many even in the GOP led by Mitt Romney abhorred has won. The result? He is the president of the United States. Here was a man a year back dismissed sometimes as a clown for stating things that

  • Donald Trump Praises Putin and other 'Strong" leaders

    The US election campaign is in full swing and in just a few months on 8th November the die will be cast. There are 4 candidates, but only 2 matter. These are the Republican and Democratic party who have shaped the destiny of America ever since the 1776 War of Independence.

    The two

  • Trump represents the extreme right wing white view

     The US election build-up is in full swing. As is the practice, the battle is only between 2 mainstream parties namely the Republican party and the Democrat party. However, though there is no bar to standing  for election as an independent or as a representative of any other group or