• 5 things to do to avoid Tooth Sensitivity

    5 Things to do to avoid

                            Tooth Sensitivity




  • Monstrous Underwater Volcanic Eruption Felt Around The World

    An enormous volcanic ejection in Tonga that set off tidal wave waves around the Pacific caused "critical harm" to the island country's capital and covered it in dust, however the full degree was not clear with correspondences actually cut off on Sunday.

    The emission on Saturday was so

  • My Thoughts on the Documentary "Daughter of India"

    Entire India is agog with the news that a documentary film has been made on the subject on the 16 December rape of a 23 year old girl in a moving bus in Delhi. Almost all news channels led by Arnab Goswami of the Times News have slotted special discussions and debates on this documentary, which

  • On the World Environment day, discuss how to protect mother earth.

    Today, on 5th June, is world environment day. It is our collective responsibility between Govt. and citizens and as son of mother earth to not harm the nature and protect the environment by keeping it green and clean.

    In 21st century, the biggest challenge in terms of pollution and

  • Overpopulation the biggest problem and it's solution.

    As far as overpopulation is concerned it is the biggest problem of human life. Many prolems are creating due to overpopulation. Due to overpopulation we need more resources to fulfill needs of peoples

  • The Last of the Fascists was General Francisco Franco of Spain

    Fascism is a philosophy that is as old as history. It really means that when there is chaos in society then the government must take over with an Iron hand. This theory of Fascism comes down to modern times from the Roman era. In the 20th century when in Europe there was an economic recession

  • The More, The Merrier



  • To You , From Yours


    To You , From Yours 

           Ayub Ali Asraf

    ( CuriousARTCELL )

    Not always you need to love me ,

    What you really need to do , is to stay with me forever

  • Top 10 Trusted Android App Development Companies In India 2022

    With over 2.5 billion dynamic clients in 190 nations, Android is the most famous working framework on the planet. Since its origin, Android has filled in prevalence many years. Through its prominence in arising countries, Android has kept on growing at an incredible rate in India. The

  • When i visited jaipur first time

    I was in kota, rajasthan.I was here preparing for IIT. I came here during the time when lockdowns were opening and my institute also get opened.I was happy because I had heard a lot of kota and Rajasthan as well and was very curious to reach here as soon as possible.I reached here in September

  • Wuhan lab denies hyperlinks to SARS-Cov-2 virus strains

    The Chinese virology institute on the center of U.S. allegations that it could have been the supply of the COVID-19 pandemic has three reside strains of bat coronavirus on-site, however, none match the brand new world contagion, its director has stated.

    Scientists assume COVID-19