• 4 Ways to Write a Unique Write-Up to avoid Plagiarism

    To produce a unique write-up we must remember that there are four important factors of writing which basically do not only possess a strong independent identity in creative writing rather these are very much interlinked to each other too. It would be better to say that these factors of writing

  • Difference between Generalized and Specialized Acquisition of Knowledge for writing

    What are the differences between generalized and specialized acquisition of knowledge for writing? Is selecting a particular niche for writing important for writing or we can write about any topic that we like? What are your views regarding this?

  • Site must have Bio Data however brief and Photograph of all contributors as in other sites that are in Alexa rankings

    I have been writing for close to 15 years with 2 published novels and tens of short stories as well as articles over a period, on nearly 30 sites ( many closed now). I have observed that almost all sites that matter have a brief bio data ( even a line ) PLUS a photograph of all contributors.

  • Why is copy paste from word not accepted here?

    I feel very comfortable to write on word and paste my articles here. That is how I do on all the sites I work on, including mine.

    Word helps us check grammar, spelling , gives us a better diction ect.

    I also find the text size very small and it makes it difficult for me to proof

  • Writing in other languages

    Would you be comfortable writing in any other language?  Do you think that you would be able to express yourself better in another language? 

    Personally I am more comfortable writing in English. I love the language and use every opportunity to better my writing