Tips to boost photography

Photography is the art of capturing memories and moments that we don't want to lose and keep with us while traveling to many variety of places ranging from ancient temples, historical monuments, museums, rivers, wildlife reserves to zoos,...

Photography: An art of capturing memories

Photography is an art of capturing the moments we want to save or we wish to see, it is also the art or practice of taking and processing photographs. It is also a hobby for many people and a profession for a few. It is said that an image...

Tips for taking quality photos from your phone

These days smartphones come with very good camera features. Because of that many people are avoiding the use of digital camera. As phone is going to be with you all the time so you can take the pictures when you want. No need of carrying extra...

Best Photo editing Software in Detail

You can prefer these below software to edit your Pictures.  Photography is a wonderful idea. This is used to show our facial feeling through photographs. It is used to record all around beauties, Beauties of earth as well as sky too. Well...

Tips for Editing Photo.

Simple and easy tips are as follows:-  1. First of all you have to make a decision of choosing a good photo editing software.  If you use a digital photography then it does not leave any sort of question in your mind, how this digital...

Get The Best Shot

Photography is a very interesting and satisfying hobby that an individual can develop at any stage of his or her life. It begins with buying a camera and then there is no end to what one can do with it. Personally, I love taking pictures of just...

Photography- your way of expression

Photography - expressions of an artist Photography is one of the best ways to represent your own self - to express your own views in most personal and unique style that you can convey. A photograph on show tells all about your way of thinking and...

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Leisure time engagement: What do you do most over the weekend

What is that you keep yourself engaged the most with during the weekends?
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Before the theme of ‘Value Addition’ is taken for further elaboration, it is considered important and relevant to make an attempt at what is precisely
Devyani Sarkar
Indians believe in the prayer of mother Goddesses. During festivals, we worship teenage girls considering her as a goddess. We respect her and give her
Its a bar type phone with dual sim (gsm+gsm) dual standby. It has 1.8", 65K screen display. This mobile has 750 mAh type battery. Talktime is upto 2.5
From the start, social media had a significant touch on  every one of us. Social media commenced as a way for people to either get in touch or reconnect
Moyukh Mukherjee
I finished my coffee and placed the mug on the window sill, looking clumsily at the tiny drops of water on the glass. It was a cold December evening, with