How to block unwanted websites

How to block unwanted websites   You can try using something like parental control software like: cyber patrol parental control, Parental control bar, Safe Families We-Blocker Parental Control. if you are browser specific and using internet...

What is Digital signature ?

IntroductionA digital signature serves many purposes. It doesn't just validate data, but is truly a fingerprint from the sender. The digital signature depends on the key pair, the data of the message, and a signature. All these elements are mapped...

A study about Data Integrity

Ensuring data integrity is a very important part of computer science, from the Web page to software that is being ordered off the Web. If files are not periodically checked, then viruses and Trojans can be inserted into the data without the...

TCP and System Security

The network services that bind to TCP ports provide direct access to the host system. If the service provides access to the hard drive, then any remote user has the potential to access the hard drive. Whereas network protocols such as IP and IPv6...

The old adage "Information is power" is more true than ever for the corporate world. Even the release of very general information about a company (for example, an upcoming merger between company A and company B) can have a profound impact on a...

There are four basic principles that apply for most security systems: authentication, authorization, confidentiality, and integrity. Authentication (proving identity with credentials) – Authentication is the process of proving the identity of a...

Security in the Digital World

The physical world and the digital world have many similarities when it comes to security processes. The need for authentication, authorization, confidentiality, and integrity do not change from the physical world to the digital one. They do,...

Securing Enterprise Resources

    In this article the Common Criteria (CC), an effort by the international community to define a standard set of evaluation criteria for IT security, and then it presents a starting point for you to explore and gather your application's...



Secure Socket Layer


Wireless Networks

  Wireless networks are widely found within residential and small office areas. Compared to wired networks, wireless networks are easier to install and less expensive than running wires through walls; however, wireless networks are not ideal in...


OSI Model Layer : Physical Layer


Ethics is need of IT security


Paypal problems

Many people who buy and sell online, who do online work like article writing, building websites etc use paypal account for the transfer of payments. There are various sites like paypal, alertpay, moneybookers etc through which online transfer and...

A management student from lucknow age 23 found a loop hole in microsofts latest release WINDOWS 7.The letter has been written to microsoft india but not paid a heed upon.but it created a havoc when the news was out. The loop hole is goes in terms...


Elliptic Curve Cryptography


Protection From Hackers


Network Attacks


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