Hi Friends ,here i am going to share some ideas and things i know about 4G technology. 4G is also known as (beyond 3G).4G was developed to accumulate the QoS(Quality of Service).4G was fully IP based integrated systems.Now we are using 3G...

The New Microsoft search Engine---BING

 BING is Bing Is Not Google  New Product from Microsoft "BING" is a search EngineThis is being launched in the market in competition of "Google" ,who have a big share og search engines in the current market. I would say there is only one difference...

Dark Sides of Bittorrent Sites

Bittorrent is a file sharing service in which files are shared between different people online called the peers. It is mainly used for sharing larger file. Uploaders (called the seeders) uploads their contents directly to the peers computer. And...

Embedded systems Introduction

Introduction Any device that include a computer but not itself a general purpose computer (the comp that we use at our home) is included in the field of embedded system. Thay are special purpose computer systems to perform one or few...

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Reservation on the behalf of Cast

Is it right that seats in government educational institutes in India are reserved on the behalf of cast of the candidate.
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Do you remember all the awful things that happened when Pandora opened the box? Pandora and Epimetheus had both been badly stung and were in great pain.
De-graft Afful Jr.
You might wonder; what is it that I see in your eyes? ever since I found them the heartbeat of my world sleeps, my lips know no sorrow and my heart
All of us are aware of Mayawati  getting statues of herself getting installed in Uttar Pradesh.   There are three significant issues which are interlinked
Ankit Navgwal
Here Is Some Great PC Game List which is always my favourite. 1)Project IGI and IGI 2 Covert Strike 2)Far Cry and Far Cry 2 3)Call Of Duty Series 4)Hitman
Any young person embarking on a career, will be stumped by the plethora of choices available at the school level too.  Each and every State has its