Internet Based Business

Internet Based Business: The Internet is an International network of networks. It is a world wide information highway. It also signifies information resources on in numerable server on the net. Internet allows millions of computers to be linked...

Sources of finance

Sources of finance   Sources of finance are of two types:   1. Own fund   2. Barrowed fund   Under own fund we have:   1. Equity share capital   2. Preference share capital   3. Reserves and surplus or retained earnings.   Under...

Accounting principles

Accounting principles   Accounting principles are of two types:   1.      Accounting concepts : Which includes Entity concept   Dual aspect concept   Going concern concept   Accounting period concept   Money measurement...

Types Of Research

Types Of Research   Research is search of knowledge or it is an art of scientific investigation.   We have different types of research they are:   1. Exploratory or Formulative research studies. 2. Descriptive research studies. 3....


    FIVE WAYS TO CLEAR COMMUNICATION   communication is the most important part of our life it affects how much we get along with the people in our lives. Clear communication allows you to express your needs, avoid arguments,...


COMMUNICATION   Here in this article we are going to learn what communication means in general in simple words. Also the difference between formal and informal communication.   Communication is one of the most important part of our...


SAP  FINANCE MODULE [FI ] It can be thought as the 'core' of any integrated SAP System because everything that has a monetary impact in the other modules (where the 'real' business operates) flows through to Finance  - usually in real time and...

Medical terms

Medical diseases Given below are the important medical terms that we come across in our daily life. 1) Allergy: allergy is a reaction of the body or tissue to contact with certain foreign substances. These substances are called allergens. In...

Communication is the life blood of an organization and the organization cannot exist without it. So the communication must be effective. Effective communication occurs when the sender obtains his intended results from the receiver. The sender’s...

The Hierarchical Theory of Motivation

Motivation is a process of stimulating people to action to accomplish desired goals. It is a psychological phenomenon which generates in the mind of an individual the felling that he lacks something and needs those things. Motivation is related to...

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Do you believe in Aliens?

We all love watching science fiction movies and wonder whether there is existence of life in other planets. So let us find out how many of you believe in aliens.
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Take a moment to imagine your city in the midst of a war. When you have to board up your windows and doors and fear for your family’s safety every second,
Jodhpur is a historical city in Rajasthan. It is the second largest city in rajasthan. This city is located in thar desert. Its a nice tourist spot and
Sandhya Rani
Heart diseases are increasing day by day as people are paying less attention to their body and health. Yet science has advanced forward as well giving
Pankaj Kumar
Mortar and Plastering Mortar is a mixture obtained by mixing sand, (fine aggregate) a binding material (cement/lime) and water in definite proportions. Need
Have you ever think that what can happen if some one comes back after his death. It could be good or bad both. Let me explain one of the true incidence